Crooked Dem Alert! Look Who’s Coming Back for 2018!


The Hill reports Democrats are calling for Hillary Clinton to return to help them win in 2018. Some want her back despite her low popularity ratings.

Former Rep. Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) said “it’s a no-brainer” if she goes into districts she won for starters.

Hillary’s friends say she’s aware of the potential pitfalls and knows the Republicans will continually use “crooked Hillary” in their speeches. But there is no question she will do some public appearances.

She’s working behind the scenes with her Onward Together PAC which donated $100K to the redistricting cause. The Democrats know they can take away one of the Republicans’ few opportunities to win elections.

Hillary has committed to training new Progressive candidates to run for election. George Soros is doing the same and the funding is staggering.

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