Crooked H Hasn’t Ruled Out Running for President in 2020


Hillary in her favorite tablecloth.

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny reported that twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told close associates as recently as this past week that she has not closed the door to a potential presidential run in 2020.

Oh, could Republicans be that blessed?

“Okay, so Hillary Clinton is telling people that she’s not closing the doors to the idea of running in 2020,” Zeleny told CNN’s “Inside Politics” on Sunday.

“I’m told by three people that, as recently as this week, she was telling people that, look, given all this news from the indictments, particularly the Roger Stone indictment, she talked to several people, saying look, I’m not closing the doors to this,” Zeleny said.

There is no campaign, and there is no certainty she would even win the nomination.

“But, she is still believing that there maybe could be a possibility under the argument of this, ‘I won the popular vote. All of this has sort of vindicated what happened in 2016,” Zeleny said.

She feels vindicated after all the Russia (lies). And she won the popular vote, which she thinks means she won. Hillary wants to get rid of the Electoral College.

The panel laughed, and Zeleny smirked at the idea.

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