Cruel, Threatening Twitter Post of Meghan McCain Finally Taken Down


The Sentinel has not supported John McCain’s politics but honored his service. Not supporting his politics and attacks on the President are a far cry from what a Twitter user named Austin Bot thought was appropriate. It was cruel and dangerous. Some loon could think shooting Meghan is a good idea.

This photo of Meghan McCain was morphed by Austin Bot. As someone who has suffered the deaths of loved ones, I could feel her pain. She seems like a nice woman and she dearly loved her father.

People should try to empathize with her suffering and not approve of what Austin Bot aka Austin delafrog did with the photo.

Meghan McCain’s husband was irate over the Twitter user’s post and how long it took to take it down.

I have a question, why did 4,387 people at last count click ‘like’. Look at bot‘s tweet:

It has since been taken down, but it took hours.


Domenech, who also publishes The Federalist, didn’t want to elevate it but Twitter did nothing. He tweeted: “It took my hours later tweet to finally get a reaction. Did not want to elevate it but that is what Twitter requires apparently.”

Meghan’s husband then added, “Oh, and the reaction was from the guy, not Twitter. Looks like he set his account to private.”

To be fair, there are so many complaints for them to deal with. However, Twitter does tend to censor those that favor the right and not the left.

Since then, the account has been suspended.

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