Cruz Accused of Dirty Tricks As He Tries to Throw Kasich Out of Montana



Polls show that knocking John Kasich out of the race would give a slight advantage to Ted Cruz so he’s working on it. The dirty tricks, however, are possibly more on the part of Kasich who wants to force a brokered convention so he can win with very little support from voters.

The Associated Press reported on Thursday that the Cruz campaign is trying to knock Gov. John Kasich off the June 7 ballot by challenging the validity of the signatures qualifying the GOP candidate for it. That is standard practice but for some reason, it’s now being called dirty tricks by Kasich’s campaign. One can only imagine why.

Emails obtained by The Associated Press show Cruz campaign officials have raised questions about the 622 signatures submitted by the Kasich campaign. A minimum of 500 valid signatures is required for a presidential candidate to qualify for the Montana ballot.

Kasich’s petition contains signatures with invalid notaries, improper dates, mismatched phone numbers and illegible names, among other potential discrepancies, according to the Cruz campaign.

Kasich’s Montana co-chairman Greg Frank accused Cruz of being afraid of competition from the mailman’s son.

“If they’re going to try dirty pool and dirty politics, I think there will be consequences with the electorate,” Frank said.

It’s not likely too many people care about Kasich’s campaign or think that Cruz is afraid of him. Kasich is more like apesky little Chihauhau nipping at your heels.

Having worked on campaigns, I know this is typical when the signatures are this close and there are always bad signatures.

Kasich is the going nowhere candidate who has had problems securing the requisite numbers of signatures in most states. He’s acting as a spoiler because he thinks if it gets to a convention, he will win, he says. He’s also said “it will be fun” though he has to know it could blow the party apart. Maybe Kasich is the one trying to pull a dirty trick.

Montana only has 27 delegates but candidates are fighting for every delegate.

Source: CBS News



  1. That coming from a man born in Canada to a Cuban citizen. Why doesn’t someone just come out and challenge the phony on his eligibility?

  2. TRUE: it is normal for campaigns to challenge opponents signatures, ecspecially when they think the margins are tight

    FALSE: This is not dirty politics.
    In this case the signatures being challenged have been certified twice, once by the county and once by the state elections office. They have been verified as legitimate registered voters in Montana. When Cruz scans the list once and claims 140 of them are invalid that’s an outright lie designed to scare voters away from Kasich. If Cruz really believed the sigs were invalid he would have formally contested it. Instead they leaked a press release implying it with no plans to actually do it. Slimy.
    Man Up Cruz. If you have to cheat to win you’re a loser.

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