Cruz Calls Out the “Washington Career Cartel” Working Together to “Grow Government”


In 2013, Public Policy Polling found that Congress was less popular than root canals, NFL replacement referees, head lice, the rock band Nickelback, colonoscopies, carnies, traffic jams, cockroaches, Donald Trump, France, Genghis Khan, used-car salesmen and Brussel sprouts. Their popularity was at 9% at the time.

The popularity of Congress stands at 13%, at least that’s what it was before Cruz called them out last Friday.

Senator Ted Cruz accused many in Congress from both parties of acting like a one-party cartel of corporate toadies working to grow government while ignoring the will of the people they promised to serve and protect. He said that Mitch McConnell is doing the same exact thing Harry Reid did – blocking bills.

Last week, Ted Cruz accused Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell of lying and made a pretty good case for it in public on the Senate floor. He accused McConnell of being “in bed” with Harry Reid.

Mitch McConnell allegedly promised the Senate that he was opposed to funding the Ex-Im bank but then tacked it onto the Highway bill. That’s the lie.

DC cartel

If accurate, that’s a description of a Congress in need of a dramatic change.

Whatever anyone thinks of Ted Cruz’s policies, he stands up for what he believes and serves the will of the people who voted for him. He is fighting the entire “D.C. cartel”. We send politicians to D.C. to represent us and then they don’t.

On Sean Hannity’s radio show Monday, Cruz said that both parties can fight when it’s for “corporate welfare” and “cronyism” intended to “grow government”, they “just won’t fight for you and me.”

Bobsey Twins

Towards the end of the audio clip below, Sean Hannity said that three Senators confirmed that Ted Cruz’s public claim that McConnell lied about the Ex-Im bank was accurate. Only Mike Lee would go on the record.

“Here’s the question that nobody in the media wants to ask,” Sean Hannity said, “but I’ve been asking and that is, Did Mitch McConnell make you the promise that you said he made. Now, Mike Lee says he did, and two senators, two of your fellow senators told me privately that, in fact, yes they heard three times Mitch McConnell say that to you. That there was no deal made but they don’t want so say it publicly.”

On Sean Hannity’s TV show Monday evening, Cruz doubled down. He repeated his prior comments about Barack Obama being “the leading financier of Islamic terrorism” with this Iran deal. The nuclear deal frees up about $150 billion in sanction relief to a nation that finances terror throughout the region.

Cruz doubled down on his complaints about Republican leadership. They’re “not listening to the conservatives who elected them.”

He called them the “Washington career cartel politicians” who are in both parties and who “get in bed with lobbyists and special interests and grow government.”


The “cartel”, Cruz said, doesn’t take up amendments the public is interested in. Obamacare, the nuclear deal, Kate’s law, Planned Parenthood are not on their agenda because both parties “work side by side” to “grow government”. However, Mitch McConnell for his part, said he didn’t want any amendments tied to the Highway Bill though he then put the Ex-Im on as an amendment.

Bill O’Reilly said on his show Tuesday night that McConnell’s office confirmed stand alone bills on Kate’s Law and Planned Parenthood will not be blocked.

Cruz brought up the Loretta Lynch confirmation which Republicans supported despite the fact that Ms. Lynch indicated she was going to violate immigration law and the Constitution to abide by Barack Obama’s fiats.

Reid, McConnell

We need another “Reagan Revolution” within the party, Cruz believes.

Perhaps we need a few resignations, starting with Mitch McConnell. Some believe Senator Cruz is trying to get his constituency back from Donald Trump. That view is cynical.

What do you think about all this?


  1. Need you, Walker, and Trump running this country. Fire many who could care less about this country, but rather gain more money.
    Because my husband refused obamacare at the hospital, we face possibility of bankruptcy due to a motorcycle accident’s medical bills. Deer ran out in front of us at 50 mph. Regret much taking that ride now. But 150k is a bit much for our injuries. How man others are facing our same struggle, just different circumstances?
    Now change the electoral college. Why are they above those who believe their vote counts?
    Like hearing you stand and speak your mind. Stay strong Sir

  2. Tired of people always saying how bad those idiots are in Washington .Democrats and republicans .Senators and t.he house people .But yet year after year they keep electing the same people that they say are doing a bad job in Washington .so who is the dummy.Stop voting these same idiots that have been making a career out of being there forever .People it’s very simple ,vote there ass out of office!

  3. you seem really do seem yo care about what the ppl want i really do hope that if elected that you are sincer in what you are saying

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