Crybaby Dems Threatening To Run & Hide, Again


What do Democrat legislators in Texas, Indiana, and Wisconsin all have in common? They proved to be crybabies who literally ran away and hid when the legislating process didn’t go their way. In case you’ve forgotten, here’s a quick summary:

In 2003, eleven senators in Texas “high-tailed it” off to New Mexico and Oklahoma rather than be part of the quorum needed to vote on redistricting in their state. They “holed” up there for 43 days before returning home, after which the reapportioning quickly went the GOP’s way.

Early 2011, 39 House Democrats from Indiana scampered off to Illinois to keep their Republican controlled state from moving forward on the Grand Old Party’s agenda. The flash point began when a right-to-work bill passed out of the House. Five weeks later the Dems checked out of hiding and came back to do “the people’s work”, which included making the Hoosier State, right-to-work.

But, the Democrat hide-and-seek game that received most national attention took place February, 2011.   Prodded by lawless protestors, 14 Wisconsin senators flew the coup in an effort to stop Gov. Scott Walker and Republican state legislators from curbing state employee union’s benefits. They, like those mentioned above, sought to abort the traditional, lawful, lawmaking procedure by preventing a quorum from being established. So they snuck off to scofflaw friendly Illinois for about 3 weeks. Upon their return the AWOL Democrats were greeted by thousands of energized supporters. It was March 12, 2011. Three and one half months later, the 2011 Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill went into effect. It dramatically constrained collective bargaining, retirement perks, health insurance benefits and sick leave for public sector employees. The new statute was a humiliating defeat for the 14 delinquent Democrats and their disorderly patrons.

And now, we may have a similar type scenario unfolding in Washington D.C. It seems that Dems are uncomfortable with the majority party’s decision to form a special committee tasked with probing the 9/11 Benghazi terror attacks. Rep. Adam Schiff, D-California, claimed, “….it’s a colossal waste of time, I don’t think it makes sense….for Democrats to participate.” No need to scoot to another state with this particular tantrum, just boycott the proceedings. Maybe they could gather round Nancy Pelosi’s desk and hold their collective breaths until the other side gives them their way.

Of course, if there was a grown up amongst them they could be reminded that while congressional redistricting and serving their public employee union masters is weighty political fare, the murder of 4 courageous Americans is exponentially more important. The unanswered questions, politically inspired deceptions, and perhaps worst of all, the mischaracterizations deliberately and callously given to grieving parents in the midst of receiving their son’s bodies all need a thorough, public review.

Like petulant school children who see victory slipping away, Democrats would like to take their ball and go home. The problem, as we’ve seen with the above noted examples, is when the ball isn’t yours to take, the contest continues without you. Recent history has shown all those reckless, derelict pols did was delay, and therefore draw much greater attention to their drubbing. Running and hiding from this special committee won’t help the D.C. Dems any more than running and hiding helped their cowardly brethren in Texas, Indiana, or Wisconsin.

Surely, even inside the Beltway Bubble, our most out of touch politician must understand nobody likes a crybaby. Given that, it should be a pretty short leap to assume the only thing more unpopular than a single crybaby, is a whole bunch of overpaid, irresponsible crybabies….averaging about 61 years of age. Good God, enough. Grow up!

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