Crybaby MSM Pivots to Calling Trump a “Sore Winner” & More


Axios reported that the President is in a good mood after his win on the Mueller report, quoting a carefully-selected statement that suggested the President usually isn’t in a good mood. They then wrote the “chaser” to their report with this tidbit: On tomorrow’s Washington Post Outlook cover, “Trump is a sore winner,” by senior editor Marc Fisher, co-author of “Trump Revealed“: “In his business life, Trump often refused to settle for good news, insisting on making big, antagonistic gestures to humiliate defeated opponents.”

So you see, the left is demonizing him and all Republicans to negate any impact the summary of the Mueller report had on them and the Democratic Party. They want to silence the opposition.

At the same time, they are loudly proclaiming Attorney General Bill Barr — a friend of Mueller’s — is a right-wing toady who is not to be trusted. This is despite the fact that AG. Barr has always been considered honorable and was overwhelmingly approved as attorney general years ago under George W. Bush.

You will also notice that they are pivoting away from Russia and moving on to his financial dealings. T

How dare they call him a “sore winner” after the abuse they have heaped on him 24/7 for nearly three years.

Expect to hear the words ‘sore winner’ repeated over and over since these people know that’s the way to drum the soundbites into the American subconscious.

The MSM and Democrats disgraced themselves and they might well be conspirators.


The truth is they are “sore losers” who will not acknowledge the win. Some Republicans, like Karl Rove and other RINOs, want to just drop the whole thing. But others are wise enough to realize sometimes you have to go for it because it’s the right thing.

Republicans are looking into Obama-era officials who lied through their teeth and promoted this fake conspiracy.

If they don’t find out the origin of this false conspiracy, it will be worse next time. No one should have to go what Donald Trump went through.

GOP senators are gearing up to investigate the investigators. The idea is gaining traction with the Republican caucus, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.). In a case of extreme irony, the leftists are claiming this is a Republican witch hunt.

Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham are not backing down.

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3 years ago

President Trump is a sore winner? They’re sore losers and like Hillary, Gore, Horse Face (forgot his name, lost to Bush in 04), etc. they won’t admit their loss and continue the attack that everybody is tire of and nobody is listening to.

Backyard Brawler
Backyard Brawler
3 years ago

Trump could be spiking the football and dancing even more but he is a winner and just hands the ball to the ref because he has been to the endzone before and will be returning soon.

3 years ago

After Trump’s dire financial situation he began taking a new approach to people who he ‘assumed’ were his friends when they did him wrong. He admits “payback” is a viable course of action. In this interview he describes some of this philosophy. On the media he explains they will go on to the next story after a week so he doesn’t even concern himself with it. The interview gives an understanding of how it may turn out in the end. He waits for the “opportunity”.

John Vieira
John Vieira
3 years ago

The MSM…and now social media too…are ONLY following “orders”….