CT Senator Murphy Tries Dragging NASCAR Into Gun Control Fray


About twenty miles north of downtown Fort Worth Texas you’ll find one of the fastest tracks on the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series – Texas Motor Speedway.

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, along comes a clown like Connecticut Senator, Chris Murphy to prove you wrong.

Senator Murphy has made a public accusation that NASCAR is somehow taking sides in the on-going gun control boondoggle because the NRA is the title sponsor of an April race at the Texas Motor Speedway.  He went so far as to write to NASCAR CEO, Brian France, to state his case and urge NASCAR to reconsider.

Breitbart Sports had the scoop this afternoon:

“Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) accused NASCAR of siding against the families of Newtown, Connecticut by allowing the National Rifle Association (NRA) to sponsor a NASCAR race at the Texas Motor Speedway in April. The race will be called the NRA 500.

In a letter to NASCAR Chairman and CEO Brian France on Thursday, Murphy said NASCAR had “crossed a line” by deciding to “put yourself in the middle of a political debate, and you have taken a side that stands in opposition to the wishes of so many Newtown families who support common sense gun reform.”

Read the entire letter at the above link.

Now here’s a little something to seriously consider.

NASCAR is the sanctioning body for a variety of different motorsports divisions.  NASCAR also owns a number of racetracks around the country and certainly has the final say as to who sponsors what at their own tracks.

However, the Texas Motor Speedway isn’t owned by NASCAR, so technically there isn’t a thing Brian France could do and he certainly won’t be “reconsidering”, because he didn’t get to consider it in the first place.  That task is the sole responsibility of TMS owner, R. Bruton Smith and track manager, Eddie Gossage.

In other words, Senator Murphy made a huge mistake.  Or was it?

Did the upstart junior Senator from Connecticut send his letter to NASCAR – rather than Bruton Smith or Eddie Gossage – on purpose?  Of course he did.  Murphy knows that he’d get no mileage out of sending a letter to Texas, but one to NASCAR would attract national attention.  And to that end he has succeeded.

I haven’t seen any followup or reply from Brian France, but I’d guess that Mr. France will enlighten the youngster as to the above mentioned facts and suggest he contact Mr. Smith, and he won’t be pleased with that reply either.

France will tell Murphy that he has no control over title sponsors for races at tracks he doesn’t own.  Smith will politely suggest that Senator Murphy is 100% wrong in his accusation and that his complaint was totally misdirected on purpose, in an effort to suggest that the NRA was somehow complicit in the horrible events at Sandy Hook.

Either that or Bruton Smith will totally ignore Senator Murphy’s foolish insinuation.

Stay tuned.

As a security officer for five years, this was my view of the TMS action – along with 164,000 of my closest friends.

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