Cuba Is Now An American Tragedy


Time Magazine is celebrating the Obama deal with Cuba on this month’s cover and with an article inside titled, “Welcome to Paradise.” They call Cuba the New Cuba. They want us to rediscover the “charm”. This is the Cuba the propagandists want you to believe exists but it doesn’t. We aren’t going to bat for them and now we are being sold a lie.


It’s one of the biggest lies they’ve ever told. American people aren’t getting the truth on this or much else.

Barack Obama’s “deal” with Cuba is a tragedy for the people of Cuba and for the American soul. We gave away any leverage we had to better the lives of the Cuban people by employing Obama’s magical thinking to a cruel and heartless dictatorship. We sold out everything we have stood for in the sphere of human rights in exchange for false hope.

Barack Obama’s meddling in the world has been as invasive and destructive as his intrusion into American culture. His transformations are as bizarre and irrational as his ideological world must be.

Having grown up surrounded by Communist doctrine, he has come away with a soft spot for it. It influences everything he thinks and every reaction he has. He knows as much about true liberalism as I know about repairing diesel equipment with my greatest mechanical skill being removing a lug nut.

He’s reworked the world and our country because that’s what Alinsky-ite community organizers do when they become leaders of the free world.

It explains his inability to negotiate any deal with a communist or fascist government without giving away the store and asking for almost nothing in return – they’re all just victims of the imperialist powers and they live a tragic existence for which they bear little responsibility. Obama’s narcissism adds to that because he will never look back to rectify mistakes, he doesn’t make any.

The one-sided deal with Cuba is much more than a non-deal. It is yet another message to the world that the United States no longer stands for human rights.

Cuba is one of the worst violators of human rights in the world.

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry accused the administration of a broad pattern of politicizing foreign policy. He called the embassy opening “the most recent example of this president’s foreign policy that ignores reality in exchange for surface level political ‘wins.’”

After “negotiating” with the relentlessly brutal dictator, Raul Castro, Raul received full diplomatic recognition, travel and remittances, the return of three murderous spies, and was promised the embargo would be lifted. We will undoubtedly redistribute U.S. tax dollars to them in the way of foreign aid and that won’t have any strings attached either.

In return, we got one State Department contractor who made the fatal error of trying to give computers to Jews in Cuba. We did secure the release of 53 prisoners. We don’t know where they are. We know that two were rearrested within days and the others are still missing.

In January, State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki, looking ever the useful idiot, refused to answer questions about the 53 missing prisoners for whom we gave up so much.

Psaki said, “Well, we know who’s on there. And the Cuban government knows who’s on there.”

Cuba knows! As ridiculous as that sounds, it is what she said and what she meant.

The people of Cuba are still being imprisoned for any free thought crime or for traveling to parts of the island for which they don’t have a pass. Barack Obama said that normalization will help bring democracy to the people. How is that possible when they will be so constrained? The government will continue to decide what they can do and where they can go. We haven’t done anything to get the regime to change that.

The money, prestige, currency, trade, et cetera that the U.S. will provide will only bolster the Communist government through which all money flows.

If opening up trade as a way to free the people was such a good idea, the money flowing from the rest of the world with whom they now trade would have freed the people. Torture by the corrupt leaders, military and police is the only thing freely given.

We didn’t insist on anything. The thousands of Cubans imprisoned for political beliefs will still be imprisoned. They do not have any free speech, free assembly, political parties, access to the Internet, or free elections.

The leverage we had in the hands of good leaders helped bring down the Berlin Wall, but Obama made a deal with the devil and he sold our souls.

Before the revolution, Cuba’s average per capita income was higher than in much of Europe. Communism brought Cuba the distinction of being the only country in the Western Hemisphere whose standard of living has steadily fallen for 50 years.

Castro’s excuse for the squalor, crime and complete disintegration of society is that U.S. maintains a trade embargo. He says this despite the fact that he trades with the rest of the world.

Barack Obama was not brought up in typical American fashion. He’s much more a citizen of the far-left world than he is an American. He has said that he knows what he’s doing when people attribute his “mistakes” to a lack of experience. Indeed, he does know what he’s doing and he doesn’t see anything he does as a mistake because he is transforming society as he hoped.

Michael Gonzalez, a senior fellow at The Heritage Foundation, spent 20 years as a journalist and has written an interesting book, “A Race for the Future: How Conservatives Can Break the Liberal Monopoly on Hispanic Americans.” Writing for The Federalist, he attacked each one of Obama’s arguments for making this “deal” and describes it as coming right out of “the international left’s playbook.”

Mr. Gonzalez’ article is very worthwhile reading but I did want to mention a few points he made under the heading President Obama Versus Reality.

Obama: “I was born in 1961, just over two years after Fidel Castro took power in Cuba and just a few months after the Bay of Pigs invasion, which tried to overthrow his regime. Over the next several decades, the relationship between our countries played out against the Cold War and America’s steadfast opposition to communism. We are separated by just over 90 miles. But year after year, an ideological and economic barrier hardened between the two countries.”

The Castros are still in power not because of the embargo, but because they practice state terror.

Reality: The remarkable aspect of this is that for 55 years one man, with help from his brother, has imposed Communist repression on the Cuban people, plunging them in economic penury while perfecting a police state. The United States was simply reacting to the theft of its property and the affront to its principles. In the Bay of Pigs, it was Cubans who invaded their island. Gone unsaid is that Cuba hosted nuclear missiles aimed at America (see: Cuban Missile Crisis).

Obama: “Today, Cuba is still governed by the Castros and the Communist Party that came to power half a century ago. Neither the American nor Cuban people are well served by a rigid policy that’s rooted in events that took place before most of us were born.”

Reality: The policy is not rooted in the Bay of Pigs, or the Missile Crisis, for that matter. It is rooted in the beatings and imprisonment that Cuban dissidents receive today, and the affront to our values that human rights being trampled 90 miles away represents. The Castros are still in power not because of the embargo, but because they practice state terror.

Obama: “To the Cuban people, America extends a hand of friendship. Some of you have looked to us as a source of hope, and we will continue to shine a light of freedom. Others have seen us as a former colonizer intent on controlling your future … Let us leave behind the legacy of both colonization and communism.”

Reality: Nobody in Cuba sees the United States as a former colonizer, namely because the United States never colonized Cuba. Only the communist regime speaks in these terms to the 11 million Cubans it tries (unsuccessfully) to indoctrinate. The United States, much to its credit, came to the aid of Cubans in 1898 after they had spent more than three decades in an on-again, off-again protracted war with Spain. After dispatching Spain in a matter of weeks, the United States said right from the beginning that Cuba would become independent, which it did only four years later.

Obama’s reality is that of the foreign dictators with whom he “negotiates” deals. He might not be Raul Castro but he sees the United States through a similarly colored lens and believes he can do what Castro was unable to do – establish the statist Utopia.

Whether you call Obama a Communist, a radical Socialist, Progressive, a far-left liberal, whatever you call him, there is no question he is fundamentally changing us into a welfare state where the rich are punished for being successful and no one built anything on his or her own, a country where all “excess” must be redistributed. However, he is doing more than that. He is reducing us to the lowest common denominator in foreign affairs, one which cannot be relied upon and which stands for nothing, casting a blind eye to horrific human rights abuses.

That’s not who we were, but it’s who we are now.

The National Review online has an article about the deal we should have made, one which freed all the political prisoners and allowed them to migrate to the United States where they could then become citizens.

What a deal that would have been, but he didn’t even try. He wanted to reestablish relations with the terror nation for his legacy.

If you want to know what this deal actually means, go to Newgeography and read the article about Havana written by Scott Beyer who is traveling the nation to write a book about revitalizing U.S. cities. U.S. cities have been the hardest hit by one-party Democrat party rule.

In fact, he calls Havana a Latin American Detroit. The city is old but there is nothing quaint left in it. The once-great city has no vestiges of its prosperity after 50 years of Communism. Even in Detroit, there is much that is still good and some charm still remains, not so in any area of Cuba.

What Castro has done to Cuba is pure evil. He has degraded his people and destroyed their culture as well as having devastated the beauty of the city.

Everything is old and there is nothing being produced so nothing is repaired. Blight is everywhere from the city to the outer reaches of the slums. Foundations of buildings are crumbling, windows are broken, patches are made of knotted wood, metal scraps, and thatching.

One resident described a home in Cuba as a Brazilian favela.

Mr. Beyer takes readers inside one of these homes. The apartment is 150 sq. ft. with a horizontal floorboard halfway up that creates a very precarious second floor. “There was no hot water, either for cooking or showering. In fact, the shower did not even work, meaning that the family instead took scrub baths. Because the toilet didn’t flush, they had to pour water into it each time after use to accelerate the draining,” Mr. Beyer writes.

Three people live in this squalor.

It took the family a year to save up $150 to get a handyman to repair the roof.

The public spaces are filled with trash, overgrown weeds, and broken objects. Streets when paved are full of potholes. There are basketball poles without nets and pools without water.

Arenas all leak and to look for any preservation would be “buffoonish” as Mr. Beyer said.

So many people in America will carry on if they can’t redo their kitchen or if there is one pothole in the street. These people, even in their hotels, don’t have hot water, toilet paper or any convenience.

Perhaps we are so spoiled and self-centered that we can’t see what is happening. Maybe we don’t wish to see but we will find out because no matter how well-intentioned Barack Obama might be in his wanting to transform us into Utopia, it always ends the same way with crime, poverty, and complete moral and physical decay.

This is what 50 years of Communism will get us. This is what one-party rule will get us. Will we leave a legacy of statism and all it brings to our children and our children’s children. It’s time to pay attention.

The United States is the last bastion of freedom in the world and we are losing it. The end will be harsh and cruel. it can happen here and it will.

Herbert Richmond was an invaluable contributor to this article and so many others we submit on the Sentinel.

The photos by Mr. Beyer were taken with an Olympus digital camera.


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Frank S
Frank S
7 years ago

In 1938 Time Magazine chose Adolf Hitler as their “Man of the Year”. Within a year he started WW II. This rag should have gone out of business after Germany invaded Poland.

John Smith
John Smith
7 years ago

This is Obama’s dream, while he rules with a Pen and Phone, the people keep getting poorer. Soon, these people will be eligible for Obamacare and Welfare. Obama wants to to kill America.

Herbert R.
7 years ago

Thanks for the h/t. Socialism is a human attempt to provide a utopian economy. As shown here, ruin and utter despair are the products of this evil policy. The theory of utopian socialism is a “LIE.”