Successfully Plundering America


Cuban refugeesThe Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966, a remarkable act of Congress passed at the height of the Cold War, gives Cubans advantages over every other immigrant group. The well-intentioned policy is costing taxpayers billions in fraudulent claims.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, Cuban “refugees” are coming into the U.S. to get welfare then use the money to fund their lives in Cuba. Refugees are given immediate government assistance to include cash, housing, Medicaid, food stamps, job training et al.

More and more of the so-called “refugees” are committing fraud by bringing the money back to Cuba. They are automatically eligible for the benefits because anyone coming from Cuba is considered a “refugee”.

They should not be confused with the exiled Cubans or those who come with visas who are not being given these type of benefits. Cubans, as a community, are the most successful immigrants who have come to this country.

Cubans are allowed into the U.S. even if they arrive without permission and are quickly granted permanent residency under the 1966 Cuban Adjustment Act. They’re assumed to be “refugees” without having to prove persecution.

Most other immigrants are barred from collecting aid immediately – most but not all.

These types of claims are not being investigated but the newspaper did.  The Cuban scam artists will sometimes go back to Cuba for months, use the money to buy houses in Cuba and fund businesses there.

A public housing tenant in Hialeah, who was receiving food stamps and SSI payments for a disabled son, frequently traveled to Cuba to sell food there, records show. She admitted to a city housing investigator in 2012 that she “makes $700 in two months just in the sales to Cuba.”

Another man receiving food stamps admitted to state officials “that he was living in Cuba much of 2015.”

Neighbors are reporting neighbors and relatives in disgust as they take government aid and go back and forth to Cuba, selling goods in Cuba while leaving their benefit cards in the U.S. for anyone else to use while they are gone so they don’t get caught for leaving the U.S.

Cuban’s call the U.S. welfare, “la ayuda,” the help.

alleged Cuban refugees

You will be unhappy to know that no one is doing anything about it – Not Congress, Not Obama, No ONE!

Cubans who come on visas are not eligible for aid and most who do collect get off it as soon as they can. Exiles are very concerned about the con men coming from their former country and want it to stop.

Roberto Pizano of Tampa, a political prisoner in Cuba for 18 years, said he worked two jobs when he arrived in the U.S. in 1979 and never accepted government help. He now sees immigrants “abusing the system.”

“I know people who come to the U.S., apply for SSI and never worked in the USA,” he said. They “move back to Cuba and are living off of the hard-earned taxpayer dollars.”

Then there are the fake Cuban refugees.

All Luis had to do was hand a Cuban birth certificate to immigration officials and he was on his way to becoming a U.S. citizen, CNN reported.

“I started to receive my work permission, I went to the DMV, got my driver’s license, I get my Social Security and that was it,” he said.

Those are the privileges afforded to Cubans who flee the Castro regime and make it to the United States to seek asylum.

The only problem is Luis is Venezuelan.

Alysa Erichs, special agent in charge of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations office in Miami, said it’s a rising trend. The fake birth certificates cost between $10,000 and $20,000.

It’s time to stop favoring Cubans. It’s not working.

The U.S. policy has created a Cuban criminal pipeline. It has fueled a criminal pipeline from Cuba to Florida, enabling crooks from the island to rob American businesses and taxpayers of more than $2 billion over two decades.

Cubans are allowed to enter the United States without visas or background checks of their criminal histories in Cuba.

Because of our relationship with Cuba, it’s almost impossible to catch the criminals after they commit their crime and return to Cuba.

Cuban crime rings are staging car accidents for insurance fraud, hijacking trucks, and selling their Medicare numbers to provide for their families in Cuba. They’re smuggling money from these illegal enterprises on charter flights to Cuba, paying mules to take cash back and wiring dollars through Western Union.

It’s a crime wave.



  1. There is a portion of humanity who always do such stuff. Yes, God expects us to provide for the basic needs of our brothers and sisters until they can do same for themselves. God also says those who won’t work are not meeting their Godly requirement.

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