Cultural Appropriation Bullies Pick on a High School Grad in a Prom Dress


It’s prom time and one Utah senior Keziah Daum wanted wear something different, something with meaning. She went to a vintage store and found a beautiful Chinese dress. It was perfect except for the army of cultural appropriation bullies read to pounce.


“I thought it was absolutely beautiful,” said Daum, who is not Chinese. She appreciated its high neckline, a difficult trait to find in many prom dresses. The dress, she said, “really gave me a sense of appreciation and admiration for other cultures and their beauty.”

She posted a photo of the prom and her in her lovely dress only to receive some vile backlash.

“My culture is NOT your …. prom dress,” a man named Jeremy Lam tweeted days later, sharing the photos she posted.

“I’m proud of my culture, including the extreme barriers marginalized people within that culture have had to overcome those obstacles,” Lam also wrote. “For it to simply be subject to American consumerism and cater to a white audience, is parallel to colonial ideology.”

Since when are Chinese not white? They are generally white.

The tweet, which has been shared nearly 42,000 times, spurred an onslaught of similar criticism of Daum’s prom dress, with many people on Twitter accusing her of cultural appropriation.

Chinese are marginalized??? No, they are high achievers who are highly regarded. What is the idiot talking about?

“This isn’t ok,” wrote another Twitter user. “I wouldn’t wear traditional Korean, Japanese or any other traditional dress and I’m Asian. I wouldn’t wear traditional Irish or Swedish or Greek dress either. There’s a lot of history behind these clothes.”

Why not? They wear American clothes. Maybe the user should only wear traditional Asian clothes as long as we are being ridiculous.

Another wrote: “you just don’t wear it if ur not. chinese … it’s not something to play dressup with.”

The nonsense of culture appropriation is another Marxist lie used to control people. It’s one thing if you are dressing to mock people, but that is rarely the case. As in Miss Daum’s case, her wearing of the dress was a compliment.

This absurd leftist policing goes on constantly.

Celebrating what we admire in other cultures unites us.



Daum responded to the barrage of criticism by saying she meant no harm in wearing the dress, and was “in no way being discriminative or racist.”

“I don’t see the big deal of me wearing a gorgeous dress I found for my last prom,” she tweeted. “If anything, I’m showing my appreciation to other cultures and I didn’t intend to make anyone think that I’m trying to be racist. It’s just a dress.”

Daum also has many supporters. One told her, “You rock”. Ben Shapiro called her the hero of the week for not apologizing and backing down.

Anyway, I thought we weren’t allowed to pick on kids? Oh, wait, it’s only leftist kids spouting political nonsense who are protected.



“We’ve had to pull her away from it because it has gotten overwhelming,” her mother, Melissa Dawes, told The Post Monday night. “These are adults attacking basically a kid. … She wasn’t looking for this at all.”

Daum’s mother said that Daum has grown up with a multicultural extended family. Several of her nieces and nephews are of Pacific Island descent.

The mother found it particularly unsettling that “an adult male has attacked her for what she’s wearing,” something that has nothing to do with “her talent or her mind.”

“I’m proud of her for standing her ground because she didn’t do anything wrong,” Dawes said.

Jeremy is a bully, plain and simple.

Daum said, “there are people who are going to find something to offend them no matter what it is.”

“I’d wear it again,” she said of the dress.

We agree with Chelsea:

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