Cummings wants to impeach so Trump isn’t ‘Emboldened’ to destroy us


We listened to horrible Elijah Cummings so you don’t have to. Basically, he wants to go ahead with impeachment, claiming some of the President’s comments in public, railing against Mueller and the FBI are impeachable offenses. The only thing holding him back is he wants more dirt on him.

“This document, the Mueller document, has now left us with a roadmap to go forward. I think he basically said to us as a Congress, ‘it’s up to you to take this further with regard to obstruction and the other matters that might come up.’”

Cummings said the President will be “emboldened” if Democrats “do nothing.”

The far-left representative thinks the President is destroying our DEMOCRACY [we live in a Republic]. Cummings, head of the Houe Oversight Committee, wants to examine the President’s finances, and he wants to know why Barr said things that have no relationship to what is in the report.

Huh? Barr said exactly what was in the report. There is no collusion and Mueller couldn’t pull the plug on obstruction, so he – Barr – did with Rosenstein’s guidance.

The only thing holding Cummings back from impeachment is some people still think the President isn’t destroying our democracy [Republic]. They want to convince people he is destroying the ‘democracy’ since they don’t think we are smart enough to make our own decisions.

“The American people — a lot of them clearly still don’t believe that President Trump is doing things to destroy our democracy and has done a lot of things very poorly,” Cummings said. “And so I think that number one, we need to make sure the Congress has all the information and then we need to be able to have the public know that information so that they can see that they have a president that basically has been about the business, I think, of doing great harm not only to our country but to our democracy.”

Before you read the next two paragraphs, it is important for you to know Cummings is a Marxist.

Cummings said that President Trump was doing “great harm not only to our country but to our democracy” as president.

“We’re in a fight for the soul of our democracy,” he said. “No doubt about it.”

The truth is Democrats are in a fight for one-party socialist rule. They want to destroy the Republic.






  • Cummings is taking the Vol. II of the “report” as some sort of guideline to prosecute the POTUS for nothing he has done, just what he “thought” of doing. Maybe.
    As Mark Levin said last week, Vol.II is nothing more than an op-ed piece. Maybe fit for the NYT or the WAPO editorial page. Maybe.
    The left just doesn’t know when to quit and let the adults in the room proceed with the people’s business. That is gonna hurt ’em in ’20. Big time.

  • “… left us with a roadmap to go forward.”

    The Dems/drive backward progressives have come to a dead-end street; they found a way in but can’t get out; and they continue to run past the STOP sign (enough is enough!).

  • How does one obstruct justice when there is no proof of it?. Democrats are complaining that the President tried to prevent Mueller from saying he was guilty? Mulehead said in his toilet paper report , ‘it’s up to you to take this further with regard to obstruction and the other matters that might come up.’” Nothing but Cheese for you Elijah and the rest of your rat party to chew on !!!! get lost idiot !!!!!

  • They need to do it fast before Guam tips over…or Trump can appoint as conservative judges as possible.
    Are they afraid esteemed party member comradette Ginsburg will keel over and Trump will appoint a non-commie?