Cuomo Acts Deplorably But Then James Woods Cheered Us Up

Andrew Cuomo is the far-left governor of New York who just today gave voting rights to 30,000 felons on parole to ensure his election. He did it the way he usually does — by fiat.

The GOP called it an ‘outrageous’ power grab. The measure had stalled in the Senate so he just did it, ignoring the legislative body. No doubt the leftists here in New York will applaud it despite the fact that he is acting like a dictator.

Despite the billions being spent on Puerto Rico to build it up better than it was, Cuomo is making it into a campaign issue. He’s insincere, but the people will fall for it.

ICE is arresting illegal alien criminals in New York and he tweeted this: “ICE’s hyper-aggressive raids on hardworking New Yorkers are immoral and against everything we stand for. While the federal government tries to tear families apart, we will never back down from fighting for the most vulnerable among us.”

He is on the far-left on every issue, whether it be abortion on demand, fake racial crises, open borders. He gave a speech describing New Yorkers as everything but white men.


This is the clip:

James Woods responded with his usual humor. He can speak for me anytime.


  1. Remember, was Cuomo who declared there is NO PLACE in NY for conservatives

    Nor forget Andy Jr played a MAJOR role in the subprime meltdown

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