Cuomo Calls ICE “Thugs” Then Thuggishly Rips Marc Molinaro’s Pregnant Wife


New York’s (“America was never that great.”) Andrew Cuomo, did it again.  While not reaching the decibel level of his above mentioned anti-American rant, he still found a way to horribly demean one of our nation’s largest law enforcement agencies. 

Demonstrating a callous and likely deliberate ignorance to the heroic work being done by  Immigration and Customs Enforcement in taking killer MS-13 gang members off the streets of Long Island, the governor referred to those valiant law officers as  “a bunch of thugs.”

Prince Andrew tried retreating from his first, nationally recognized, defamation of America by claiming it was “inartful”.  

Who knows if public opinion will again force Cuomo into a similar weaselly worded statement.  One way or the other, this is just the latest shining example of a gaffe-prone pandering pol, frightened by a far left, female primary candidate; even while she’s 30 points behind.

But one woman Andrew fears not at all is Connie Adams.  Who?  Ms. Adams is the wife of Cuomo’s Republican challenger and Dutchess County Executive, Marc Molinaro.  The mother of 3 children, she is 6 months pregnant with their fourth and was ripped in a Cuomo campaign ad.  

Why?  What possible threat could she be to an incumbent governor with $30 million in his war chest? 

Well her husband had the audacity to run a 30-second ad titled, ‘Guilty’, focusing on the recent convictions on federal corruption charges of three Cuomo cronies. 

They are Andrew’s confidant Joseph Percoco and Alain Kaloyeros, (who oversaw the governor’s signature upstate economic development plan), along with former Cuomo associate, Todd Howe.  

The half-minute spot was so damning the state’s chief executive tried to have it pulled.  Failing that Andrew went after Connie. 

His video claims she was working for a firm that “took care” of Molinaro with a $5,000 campaign contribution, and that the development corporation received hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax breaks.  It’s also alleged the outfit got “lucrative county contracts”.  

Mr. Molinaro states his wife no longer works there and that she earned $27,000 while an employee. 

None the less, Cuomo runs a commercial impugning a working mother making under $30,000 as some kind of devious political player involved in questionable campaign donations, tax breaks, and county contracts.  

Meanwhile, Governor Cuomo’s crooked trio have gone way past being the focus of some seedy political ad.  They were actually found guilty in pay-to-play schemes that netted them hundreds of thousands in kickbacks. If that weren’t bad enough;  God-only-knows how many millions in taxpayer bucks have been delivered in contracts to undeserving but connected Cuomo buds. 

Marc Molinaro challenged Cuomo to leave Connie alone, and “keep his sleazy attacks on me.”

That might work if Marc was an ICE officer, but right now, Prince Andrew would prefer to thuggishly target the very pregnant mother of the Dutchess County Executive’s kids.  A real piece of work.

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Wulliam August
Wulliam August
5 years ago

Andrew Cuomo is a self-serving hypocrite and a disgrace as the Governor of New York. His actions are leading NY deeper down the rabbit hole of socialism, and it’s obvious. He has surrounded himself with corrupt individuals and doesn’t seem to care… He continues to forge ahead, making ridiculous comments at every opportunity. His comment that America was never great is the crowning touch, but, sadly, that is the opinion of many, if not most, American liberals today. The voters in New York will elect him again, because he is the source of all the free goodies typical of leftist politicians like him. The hard working people will pay for these socialist programs, as we always have. How bad does it have to get before we really revolt against it?