Cuomo Calls on Congress to Shut Down the Government



Andrew Cuomo wants everyone’s guns. He has made it almost impossible for a legal gun owner to defend himself or herself thanks to the New York SAFE Act. He now wants the same for everyone in the country and has called on Democrats in Congress to shut down the government until national gun laws are passed.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo gave a political speech as a eulogy at the service for his murdered aide Saturday. He compared his aide to Jesus Christ.

“I never asked Pope Francis why Carey Gabay was taken, but then again over the past two days I heard the Pope repeatedly speak about a young man who grew up in poverty and raised himself up and lived a life of love and selflessness,” Cuomo said. “A life too that was ended early.”

It’s ironic to hear a bad Catholic invoke Jesus and the Pope when he believes in killing babies until the moment of birth.

The brutal and aimless violence can strike down an innocent at anytime, he said, and compared Mr. Gabay’s shooting to Newtown, Charleston and the Aurora movie theater. Instead of blaming the cause, he blamed legal gun ownership and not having enough laws throughout the nation.

His murdered aide was walking through the most dangerous area of Brooklyn in the wee hours of the morning. I wouldn’t walk through that area in broad daylight, but that’s what he did, and when Cuomo says it could happen anywhere and anytime, it doesn’t apply to his aide, Mr. Gabay.

Cuomo told Democrats in Congress to shut down the government until the national gun laws are passed.

“If the far right is willing to shut down the government because they don’t get a tax cut for the rich, then our people should have the same resolve and threaten to shut down the government if they don’t get a real gun control law to stop the killing of the innocent.”

Cuomo in his short-sightedness doesn’t realize they will then will have to pass knife laws, hammer laws, machete laws, bomb laws.

The entire eulogy/speech was political. His heart and mind can’t leave his far-left and mafia-style politics for any event, not even the death of his friend. Even when he talked about Mr. Gabay, it had to do with public housing. Did he even know who this fellow was as a person. Was he funny, was there a joke he could have told, a story that made him sad, what about his family?



  1. It is strange that a man that advocates for late term abortions and has done everything possible to increase the number of abortions can ignore the fact that the West African Day Parade and the night long drinking and drug orgy that precedes the event is funded by the city of NY to the tune of $40,000 or more a year. If the truth be told , which Andrew denies and wishes to hide , is that every year people are killed at that event . No mention of the people stabbed to death and the number of arrests made each year, even when the police are told to ignore all but the most egregious offenses. The fact that the Mayor has let the quality of life ( aka as law and order) deteriorate so quickly to a point not seen in decades is something the Governor also fails to mention or is willing to admit. The problem is criminal control and the Mayor and Governor have both failed at that most important task

    • Just maybe we should contact our congress to pass a law that allow a good honest hardworking American to be able to sue people like Cuomo that use their power to put people’s lives at risk. If a person with no problems wants a firearm should be able to get them legally. If you are attacked by a criminal you should be able to defend yourself. Because no matter what they say the police are not standing next to you,standing outside your home guarding you twenty four hours seven days a week. In fact the laws they are trying to pass will help the criminals.

  2. Cuomo doesn’t feel bad about murdering newly born babies, yet he wants to take the guns away from the lawful so the murdering thugs of this country (who don’t get there guns legally) can shoot us!! He is an idiot. Who votes these fools into office? Wake up NY!!!

  3. This Cuomo jerk is nothing more than a stupid WOP from NYC. I know the type extremely well, I am from an Italian family, and was born and raised in Brooklyn. I can see right through this WOP meatball, and if he doesn’t watch himself the “BOYS” in BKLYN will make short work of him.

  4. HEY CUOMO your mother should have aborted you , you dumbass piece of commie shit. you must be a real Obama ass kisser. you are a fucking IDIOT you stupid jerk.. Bill said that fuck face

  5. Why are NY kers elect assshol like this into anything,this dumb baby murdering pile of dog shit should work in a pizza joint.My dogs shit got more common sense than this faaaknn meatball.

    • The five Burroughs, Albany and Buffalo (Erie) counties were the only counties that he won in all of NY state. 5 counties total, he lost the other 58, and he still won, the rest of the upstate need to get off their ass’s and vote!!!

      • Which is what everyone needs to be reminded of whenever they talk about doing away with the electoral college. When politicians concentrate their dependent voter base in major cities with poor economies, with the perpetual threat of “vote for me or the other guy is going to take away your stuff”, the rest of the people are left without representation. Same would apply if we had a single election where the most votes wins. The major cities would become more impoverished and dependent and the rest of the county would become nothing more than donors to support the cities. Stay alert people! It’s only going to get worse.

  6. Come down here to Alabama with that bulls__t. It will NEVER pass. You can do what you want in New Yawk, but it will never, ever, pass Congress, as long as my Senator, Jeff Sessions is serving in the Senate (or Richard Shelby for the folks in North Alabama).

    • This just shows that the people in Alabama have more sense than most of the people in the other states. There is no way that the government is going to take away the guns in my house. My husband and intend to be able to protect ourselves and our families. When you grow up around guns and are taught from an early age how to use them, you don’t go around shooting people. We also believe in the right to life. We support the rights of unborn babies.

  7. Andrew Cuomo is a socialist and the criminals advocate. He wants to make as sure as possible that his constituents, (criminals) aren’t harmed in the commission of their crimes. It makes as much sense as telling us to not judge muslims by the actions of a few lunatics but to judge all gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics!
    Socialist argle-bargle!

  8. Cuomo you lowlife scumbag piece of shit. you will never take our guns.. I would like to see you walk down the streets of new York without a gun or armed body guards you coward bastard.

    • Between the f[edit]king taxes and gun laws is the reason I don’t live in NY either. If they ban all guns then I guess the f[edit]king secret service that protects his dumb f[edit]king ass will have to use sling shots! Let’s see how that works for the [edit] sucking piece of shit!!

  9. Cuomo is a psychopath !!!
    He doesn’t talk normal,
    He doesn’t look normal,
    He doesn’t act normal,
    He’s corrupt,
    He scares the hell, out of a lot of people, even his own New York State politicians, are scared of him.
    He does things underhandedly.
    He’s a sneak,
    He’s a potent, poisonous, snake.
    He needs psychological help badly, although I’m afraid, it’s even too late for that to help him.
    He’s way past the “fail-safe” point, of no return.
    We should start a state-wide partition, to have Cuomo committed for psychiatric help.
    I never saw anyone carry on with such vengeance over taking away guns from law-abiding citizens, like Cuomo does, except for his buddy, Michael Bloomberg,
    former mayor of New York City.
    Both of them are constant liars, and crooked,
    Maybe time away in a “straight jacket” might help !!!

  10. Cuomo certainly isn’t his father. What a terrible disappointment. Of course, maybe he doesn’t realize that if you take guns away from law abiding citizens, only criminals will have guns. Or………..maybe he DOES…..hummmmm

  11. “The entire eulogy/speech was political. [Cuomo’s] heart and mind can’t leave his far-left and mafia-style politics for any event, not even the death of his friend.”

    Leftists don’t have friends. They have political allies and fellow-travelers; that’s all.

    Would you like to hear a simple, one-step recipe for deflating the fascistic types who want our guns? Simply ask them, in public and very loudly, whether they’d accept a law that would strip their bodyguards of their guns. Then cross your arms and look on in the satisfaction earned by one who has unmasked a lying hypocrite.

  12. Hey CRIMINAL’S! Now is your chance!
    Acting District Attorney, Madeline Singas has banned all prosecutors in Nassau Co. From owning hand guns!
    They cannot apply for permit, or even have one at home as a condition of employment.

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