Cuomo Gives Lemon a Big Kiss for Insulting Trump & Sarah Sanders


CNN’s Chris Cuomo kissed Don Lemon on the cheek after both of them attacked Sarah Sanders during the brief interval between Cuomo’s show ending and Lemon’s beginning on Wednesday night. They really believe the actions of the crazed wannabe bomber is President Trump’s fault. Given their vile behavior day in and day out, it’s hard to understand how they come to that conclusion. They insult us, lie to us, and demand we see it their way.

When the lunatic shot up Republican congressmen on a ballfield, the Republicans were very gracious and welcomed their sympathy. Not so in the reverse. The left — politicians and media — started attacking Trump within about ten minutes of the discovery of the first bombs.

They couldn’t care less when Republicans are being attacked by their little red armies.

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders had called out CNN’s top brass Jeff Zucker for blaming Wednesday’s suspicious packages on President Donald Trump.

After Cuomo and Lemon insulted her, Lemon said, “I’m glad you’re here. I’m glad Jeff Zucker is here. I’m glad Jeff said what he said. I’m glad Bob the security guy’s here. I’m glad Jackie is here. I’m glad Brenda is here. I’m so happy you guys are here because this is life and death. All the folks who are around here, Kevin, all of you guys, I’m so glad you’re here and alive today because we could have been mourning you guys,” Lemon added.

All they did was rip apart President Trump but what else is new. The trash him 24/7 because they don’t agree with him. Then they went on to trash Sarah Sanders for expressing her viewpoint about Jeff Zucker. Zucker is the president of a news outlet and he shouldn’t be showing his bias.

These two are idiots. It’s hard to know which one is dumber.

Watch but bring your barf bag:


Jake Tapper said not one CNN employee blamed or attack anyone.

Then he must have missed his own network calling the bomb victims, it it was a bomb, ‘Trump’s targets’.

Didn’t he listen to what his boss said?

If that isn’t enough, at least 200 journalists signed on to a letter ripping into the President for criticizing the media. These elitists are in lala land if they think most Americans don’t agree with them. They keep that lie going about him calling the media the ‘enemy of the people’. He called the FAKE media the ‘enemy of the people’.

They know the truth but they are blinded by hate, hate for him, hate for his agenda, and hate for his followers.

The left is all about hate and attacking the President.

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