Cuomo Modeling the State Budget After Buffalo It Seems


Government is the great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else.

~ French, Essays on Political Economy

This is the topic you have been long waiting for!  So relax, sit down – I am finally giving you your wish!!  I will discuss BUFFALO , NEW YORK.

Why, you say?

Has the Tea Party finally effected my brain?

Well, here goes!!

The city of Buffalo, located on Lake Erie, was once one of the most wonderful, beautiful cities in our state.. But, of course, from the 1950’s on, due to many factors, its decline was very predictable. It’s textbook on how liberal, big government spending fails! It has a poverty rate of 29%, has one of  the highest tax rates in the country, an insolvent school district and a history of corrupt local administrations.

In an effort to help this depressed city, the federal government has spent hundreds of millions of our taxpayer dollars into subsidized redevelopment “schemes” (more, per capita, than any other city in the country!) (Editor’s note: corporate welfare which often went for luxury housing). Years of wrong choices, misappropriation of funds and payments to friends are numerous!!

It has a union-friendly binding arbitration system (their insurance even pays for elective cosmetic surgery). A Trade Center was NEVER completed! There was a failed shopping mall! Hotels defaulted! $530 million was spent on a 6.2 mile light rail system which not only ended up being under-utilized, but it ruined local businesses by preventing people from reaching the area by car! (I hope Florida and California are paying attention to these railroad schemes).

What a history ! Thank God we learned  from our mistakes!


I thought it was obvious to everyone that the result of high taxes, government subsidies, massive deficit spending, excessive union control, crony-capitalism, and no accountability, was a disaster waiting to happen!

So what is Gov. Cuomo doing to “help?”

You won’t believe it!!

Sit down-

1-he is spending ONE BILLION DOLLARS of YOUR TAXES on a “NEW” incentive program

2- he is raising our taxes to pay for it and

3- he refuses to renegotiate any union contracts!!

Didn’t we learn anything from our failed policies? NY is ranked as one of the least job-friendly states IN THE COUNTRY!! We all know why — high taxes, union contracts, massive regulations, huge deficit-spending, government involvement and massive taxpayer supported expenditures!

Yes, some  jobs are moving overseas, but many more are now moving to more business-friendly states (like Texas, South Carolina, etc).  If we do not learn from the past, we will repeat the same mistakes!!  Ten months to go! See you in November!!!

PS –  This is another example of media bias!! This issue was covered in the Wall Street Journal. If anyone sees it any place else, please contact the Anonymous at the Sentinel! But, don’t hold your breath !!