Cuomo Says No to Fracking, Yes to Gambling and Making Money Off the Poor


New York Governor Cuomo won’t allow fracking to help finance the expensive and ever-expansive welfare state. Those of us who are in New York can only look to North Dakota with envy. Instead, Cuomo has another plan. He will make New York into a casino with him as the mob boss running it.

Banning fracking was a foregone conclusion. His donors pay big money to disallow it though an analysis conducted by the state last year concluded that fracking was a safe technology.

More gambling was also a foregone conclusion. It’s not about what is good for people. It’s about what is good for the bloated government apparatus.

Cuomo will help the poor by developing gambling as a past-time throughout the state.

Cuomo selected three upstate casino sites mid-December in the ailing upstate. The contract went to a Malaysian company – Genting.

The ill-conceived plan is to revive The Catskills.

Upstate New York already sports five Indian casinos and nine video slot parlors and there is no sign of a revival or development. In fact, the casinos will be in direct competition with the racinos.

The rich go to Vegas. They won’t be going to Schenectady. The less well-off will go. The poor will go.

The poor will pour into these cash thieves where winning is as common as a red diamond.

It’s not even reality. There are no horses or dealers, just virtual reality.

The red light cameras failed so the government officials have found another way to separate poor people from their money.

Christmas in the OTB

The casinos are guaranteed to bring in the dregs or make dregs out of the bewitched.

It’s not just casinos, it’s the OTBs.

Nassau County has a huge complex called the Roosevelt Field mall. The mall has a grand history. Charles Lindbergh took off from it to make the first transatlantic flight on May 20, 1927.

Roosevelt Field was the original home of the Roosevelt Raceway and the Messenger Stakes, part of the Triple Crown of Harness Racing for Pacers. The raceway hosted the event until it closed. It was the first track to use the now universal “mobile starting gate”.

Fortunoffs was an upscale store in the mall known for its elegant home furnishings, precious jewels, and fine China. They expanded and built a huge complex just outside the mall. Unfortunately, it was just before the Internet overtook the brick and mortar stores and they were forced to close their doors after about 80 years.

In its place will be a new OTB thanks to Cuomo’s vision for New York. OTBs are casinos without live dealers, they’re gambling arcades not like the arcades we knew as kids.

They are one step removed from Internet gambling. Instead of shuffleboard and skeet ball, they have one-armed bandits or one-button bandits and black jack machines. There will be a thousand video ports for roulette, slots, baccarat and all the other money-grubbing games.

This is who we are now in New York.

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