Cuomo & Schumer Polling at Record Lows in NYS, Trump up Nationally


The last few weeks have not been good, on any level, for the Democrat Party.  

A  three-headed scandal monster devouring the Dem leadership in Virginia, just won’t quit.  The governor can’t open his mouth without inserting his foot.  The Lt. Governor’s losing staff over charges he’d sexually assaulted 2 women.  And the very white Attorney General’s also been caught in blackface.

The rollout of the New Green Deal led with embarrassing headlines citing the plan’s emphasis on banning air travel and stopping cow farts, followed by howling lies of denial, followed by admitting this tribute to Marxism was indeed birthed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her crack staff.  

And last but not least, Democrats finally had to muscle Congresswoman Ilhan Omar into a half-apology for her anti-Semitic comments.  Not to be outdone, it’s been discovered that another newbie with anti-Semitic leanings, potty-mouthed Rashida Tlaib, wrote a column for Jew-hater Louis Farrakhan’s, Final Call.  

With all that, what’s been apparently overlooked, is two of the party’s biggest national names, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Sen. Chuck Schumer have taken big polling hits in their own, deep blue state of New York. The numbers are shocking.

Before his move to spike the infanticide football, Prince Andrew was riding pretty high in January with a 51% to 43% favorable to unfavorable advantage.  His job performance rating was 43%.  One month later he’s dropped 8 points virtually all across the board.  Cuomo’s favorable number dipped to 43% while unfavorable climbed to 50%.  His job performance cratered to 35%.  

Schumer’s fall from polling grace, in many ways, is even more severe.  In 2016, before Chuck became US Senate minority leader he had a 67%-23% favorability and “was far and away the most popular New York pol.”  In January his numbers, while positive, fell to 53-39 percent.  Now he’s plus one at 47 to 46 percent.  It appears that a plunge in Chucky’s popularity started when he began ongoing public policy battles with President Trump.  

Which brings us to the irony in all this.  It seems while two liberal icons and lifetime pols from “progressive” NYS are falling from grace “at home”, first-time office holder, President Donald Trump’s fortunes have, in the last month, risen dramatically on the national stage.  

Apparently, “The Donald” has found a bunch of those favorability polling points (ranging between 50%-52% on Rasmussen) Cuomo and Schumer have lost!

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William August
William August
4 years ago

The Democrats are coming apart at the seams right now, but do not underestimate them going forward… that being said, their recent issues are starting to alienate voters big time… actually suggesting that we eliminate air travel, take cars off the roads, allow abortion on demand even after birth, provide paid jobs to those that don’t even want to work, free college tuition for all, free health care for all, somehow eliminate cows because they pass too much gas, stop using fossil fuels for any purpose, ad nauseam, all with no explanation of how much this will cost and who will pay for it… it’s lunacy, pure and simple.

Anthony Stark
Anthony Stark
4 years ago

Unfortunately, these two ZEROS will be elected to high office in the Evil Empire State of NY because they have a SOLID LOCK on the Liberal electorate that lives in the areas south and east of Westchester (excepting Staten Island, which I’m not even sure is there anymore…)

While not many voters who are still trying to scratch out a living in the upstate area Progressive Liberal politics have turned into a post-apocalyptic wasteland will cast a ballot for them, such people have nowhere near the numbers to counter the population centers in and around ultra-Leftwing NYC that are more than willing to follow Andrew-Herod and Upchuck off a cliff… there are simply not enough of them since they are all RAPIDLY DESERTING THIS FETID CESSPOOL OF A STATE for more economically viable areas.

That will leave King Andrew-Herod, Upchuck Schumer and Bolshevik Bill DeBlasio in office as long as they keep pitching a free lunch to their parasitic dependents… and also allow them to continue to make Conservatives trapped in their Gulag Liberalpeligo suffer under their tyranny.

There is NO HOPE for NY State and there is ONLY one solution: MOVE!