Cuomo Signs Executive Order Approving Pinky Swear Voting


A poll watcher in Houston witnessed the NAACP take over the polling station. In full NAACP attire, they assumed control, went to the front of the line, gave out water, talked to voters. The poll watcher, who also complained, was asked to leave because they said she was watching them when they voted. Read the story at Breitbart

Cuomo did one better. He enabled voter fraud with his executive order which allows anyone in the boroughs, Long Island and Westchester (areas have to be declared disaster areas) to vote anywhere. The order doesn’t appear to say a thing about showing voter ID. I think the ones marked Republican will end up in the East River myself. The ballots will be sent to their usual polling station where they will be canvassed.

It’s a “down ballot” (one can vote for Senate, President and VP but can’t vote in state legislative districts). Cuomo doesn’t want voters to be disenfranchised. I guess it’s okay to be disenfranchised from the congressional, state, and local elections.

They’re arranging for buses to polling places. The ACORN people, now known as the NY Communities for Change, will need those.

Voters have to sign an affidavit when they vote wherever, which is equivalent to a pinky swear.

New Jersey did Cuomo one better. Christie is allowing people to vote by email and fax. The “waiver of secrecy” will be waived and people will be able to see who you voted for. You can be sure many Romney votes will disappear.

This should only be done in places that were wiped out like Seaside Heights. This administrative approach sets a bad precedent.



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