Cuomo Tells Schneiderman to Resign Over Sexual Assault Allegations


This is the best news I’ve heard all day. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) called on Attorney General Eric Schneiderman (D) to resign over sexual abuse charges detailed in a New Yorker story

New York Times wrote that “The allegations against Mr. Schneiderman, the chief law enforcement officer of the state, who has cast himself as a defender and champion of women, could derail his re-election prospects later this year. He has been the heavy favorite to win a third term.”

Schneiderman Is a Creep

Schneiderman tormented President Trump over Trump University, his charity and his son’s charity.

He’s also the ringleader of the facist Attorneys General movement — 16 of them — to imprison climate deniers.

The holier-than-thou AG is also leading eight Attorneys General against Scott Pruitt’s plans to limit fake studies used to establish rules at the EPA.

The Accusations Are Terrible for a #MeToo Leader

Schneiderman denies the accusations and issued the following statement:

“In the privacy of intimate relationships, I have engaged in role-playing and other consensual sexual activity. I have not assaulted anyone. I have never engaged in non-consensual sex, which is a line I would not cross.”

The accusations are bad. He is accused of punching, choking women, slapping them hard, calling them whores. In one case, he is accused of threatening to kill a woman. He also said he’d tap her phones.

The New Yorker reports that Schneiderman “repeatedly hit them, often after drinking, frequently in bed and never with their consent,” according to the four women accusers.

The report says the women didn’t come forward with their allegations at the time, but that two of the women who spoke on the record sought medical attention for what they categorize as “assault.” They describe being slapped hard across the ear and face and choked.

One woman who wishes to remain anonymous out of fear showed the New Yorker a photograph of her injury.

The women said he’d get drunk during sex and then become violent.

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5 years ago

Looks like he resigned.

Interesting tweets in all this. Most interesting is from Trump in 2013

Weiner is gone, Spitzer is gone – next will be lightweight A.G. Eric Schneiderman. Is he a crook? Wait and see, worse than Spitzer or Weiner

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 11, 2013

And some others, most recent:

What about the little Thursday night chat club we’re hearing about on Signal? You dopes actually thing you’re encrypted? Hahahahaha. Sure:
and Pals

— Thomas Paine (@Thomas1774Paine) January 19, 2018

The ‘Secret Society’ Within the FBI, DOJ … includes fed prosecutors, fed judges, even the Attorney General of one of America’s largest states.

WE KNOW ALL ABOUT IT. But More Importantly: We Know What they’ve been doing. Soon, all will know too. #secretsociety

— Thomas Paine (@Thomas1774Paine) January 23, 2018

We know what you’ve been doing on your home PC and phone. @AGSchneiderman

— Thomas Paine (@Thomas1774Paine) December 22, 2017

I don’t know what all this is about, but interesting.