Cuomo Unveils Abortion-Up-to-the-Moment of Birth Bill – Update



Update: 6/18/13: The late-term abortion bill was killed in the Senate after breakaway Democrats who want to get re-elected voted against it. Full story at

The bill allowed unlimited abortions and elevated abortion to a fundamental right and have New York on record saying the state can’t discriminate on abortion in benefits or services or anything else it provides.


Original Story: 6/7/13: Cuomo unveiled his Women’s Equality Act yesterday and mixed in with it is an abortion bill so extreme that it will allow the abortion of a baby to the moment of birth for any “health” reason whatsoever.

If you think the baby is giving you headaches – abort. If you feel mental distress – abort.

It takes the unnecessary step of making abortion a “right” in New York, and it will protect all abortionists no matter how vile.

Cuomo is using women’s equality to hide his real intent here – deny all unborn babies of the right to live if the mother doesn’t feel like having the baby.

The bill is a 10-point plan and it includes a crackdown on human trafficking, an end to housing discrimination for women and pay equality for women. The only part of the bill with substance is the abortion law; the rest is camouflage.

What is the difference now in killing a baby about to be born and one born within minutes? None. The abortion-lovers will eventually kill newborns too and we’ll have to let Kermit Gosnell out of jail and give him a medal for being such a forward-thinking individual.

Governor Cuomo, who talked generally about his 10-point women’s agenda in January, hid the details from the public.

One veteran Democratic consultant, Hank Sheinkopf, was quoted by Newsday today as saying, “Why would you tell people what they don’t need to know?”

That is a rather tyrannical view. The politicians are now in charge of the people instead of the other way around.

Sheinkopf added, “Sometimes it’s good to smoke out the opposition.” He should have said, he wants to smoke the opposition. It would have been more accurate. Cuomo was simply buying time to tamp down criticism before putting out the most extreme provisions possible.

Initially, Cuomo supported Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins’ Reproductive Health Act but, ever the hack, Cuomo temporarily walked that support back. That Act tells us all we need to know about where Cuomo hopes to end up.

All abortions are de-criminalized under this measure and all abortions would come under the jurisdiction of the Department of Health. The DOH will do nothing to protect us from the atrocities which will ensue.

The language of the bill is broad and puts the legal protections on the side of all abortionists for all abortions. It will bring out all the sleaziest of characters to prey on women and their unborn babies.

Some doctors say they need these protections to avoid being sued. What happened to Tort Reform?

The Reproductive Health Act seeks to have abortion declared a ‘fundamental right’ in New York State which would result in the following:

  • It would prohibit even basic and widely supported protections, such as parental consent and limits on government funding of abortion
  • The law would allow any “health care practitioner” to perform an abortion
  • It enshrines late-term abortion in New York State law
  • Jeopardizes any agency that does not refer for abortion and
  • Seriously threatens conscience protections for hospitals and medical professionals

It is unnecessary to make abortion a right in the first place. NY already has the most flexible abortion laws in the nation and if Roe v. Wade were overturned, which is highly unlikely, the NY law would be unconstitutional.

The Abortion Expansion of Cuomo’s proposed Women’s Equality Act was established “in relation to revising existing provisions of law regarding abortions.”

Cuomo is talking about abortions until the moment of birth. Tax dollars will pay for it under Obamacare. We already pay for abortions through Medicaid.

Dean Skelos, one of the last few Republicans still standing in New York, said that “extreme legislation suggested by some Senate Democrats to expand late-term abortion right up until the day of birth is completely wrong for New York State.”

Cuomo’s State of the State:

Cuomo wants loose language that will allow almost any health reason for late-term abortions. Every state where this language is used, late-term abortions are permitted for any reason.

We can expect to have people like this in NY:

via LiveActionFilms

More than half the country believes late-term abortions are wrong, but their views are being drowned out by the minority opinion on this. Don’t let New York have another “first.” This”first” will infringe on the rights of unborn, fully-developed babies.

Read the latest about the bill at Bronx.NY.


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