Cuomo Wants Federal Taxpayers $$$! Declares a State of Emergency for Trains!


Andrew Cuomo, New York’s tax and spend governor, has a very serious train problem in New York City’s Penn Station, and he is trying to transfer the blame and the expense to the federal government.

In addition to setting a trap for President Trump, it’s a demand for money from the federal taxpayer for a problem he created.

Cuomo has declared the Penn Station repairs a “state of emergency” in an attempt to get Donald Trump to send him funds after he neglected the problem. No one declares a self-induced  train station problem a “state of emergency”.

If Trump falls for it, he’s a fool and he’ll regret it.

It’s the old monkey off my back and on to your back trick.

Penn Station is a “dump” in “deplorable” conditions, Cuomo announced. He wants Trump to intervene. This is after he tried to push the problem off on Mayor Bill denBlasio, who told him it is his problem.

Cuomo is a big spender and has welcomed one of the largest influx of refugees and illegal aliens of any state, giving them benefits and college tuition paid for by the state and federal taxpayer. He is looking to give free single payer healthcare as well.

He hasn’t spent money on the trains and the station that has been dilapidated for some time.

Who asks for federal disaster funds for a decaying train station that is the responsibility of the state’s? A person who is setting trap, that’s who. Every state will demand the same type of funding if Trump gives in. It federalizes another state entity and gives wild-spending inept state politicians cover.

Cuomo wrote a letter to the President Sunday asking for assistance using the Amtrak infrastructure renewal as an excuse. He needs the money, he said, to save the LIRR commuters a summer of “misery”. He also wants Trump to help find a solution for the long term and what he describes as an “intolerable” problem.

Trump, were he to fall for this, would be responsible and the burden of the New York governor’s negligence would be his alone.

“While this is not a hurricane or a flood it will affect as many people and businesses with dire consequences,” he wrote. “Like a natural disaster, we didn’t create it but our public offices require we address it,” Newsday quoted Cuomo as saying.

There are no words for that bit of legerdemain. He has created the problem through continued neglect. He’s too busy giving handouts.

Cuomo wants Trump to get behind hiring a new MTA manager and creating a “state-of-the-art”, secure, world-class transportation hub,” New York Newsday reported.

The 2020 presidential hopeful wants people in Nebraska, Texas, throughout the nation to pay for his bad policies and worse economics.


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William Servinski
5 years ago

dont you have to pay to use the trains there? that money is to pay employees AND maintain the trains. apparently the owners are filling their pockets and not fixing the equipment.

5 years ago

Have. Gov dodo. Ask. Big man Schumer for help if you could find him he knows everything

5 years ago

Have. Gov dodo. Ask. Big man Schumer for help if you could find him he knows everything