Cuomo’s Captious New Law: No More Selfies With Tigers and Lions!


You can’t take a selfie with a tiger or lion in New York any longer! I kid you not! It’s madness I tell you!

There are thousands of new laws legalizing marijuana, increasing minimum wages, and banning pet tattoos and selfies with tigers and lions.

Oakland is raising the minimum wage to $12.25 beginning in March and other states, including New York, have raised their minimum wage to over 8 dollars. So don’t complain when all the jobs go overseas where the wages are considerably lower. Don’t complain when the fast food joints automate everything.

Marijuana is heading for legalization in DC, Oregon, and Alaska, joining Colorado and Washington, which are unfortunately suffering under the weight of stoned drivers and stoned homeless people. In California, hens will get roomy cages, plastic bags will be banned, and illegals will get driver’s licenses because, as Jerry Brown says, “you’re all welcome in California.” There are “yes” means “yes” sex laws, sugary drink taxes, and pregnancy accommodations. There are tracking bans, customer data archiving laws, and laptop disposal laws.

No stone was left unturned.

In New York in February, it will be illegal to pose for a photo with a lion, tiger or other big cat. It was passed because young men on dating sites were putting lion and tiger selfies online. Thank God that idiot genius Andrew Cuomo is on top of these young men trying to attract women in an unusual way and for some nefarious reason no doubt.

Perish the thought!

At least Cuomo has the important issues covered as he spends us into green oblivion and gambling heaven here in New York.

Now, I ask you, getting back to tiger and lion selfies, who would be stupid enough to pose for a selfie with a tiger?

Look below ↓

selfie with tiger_1

That’s right. It’s me. It was 15 years ago when I was a brunette, and there I am posing with a drugged-out tiger.

How could I not, I ask you? I was taking a photography course, had all my fancy camera equipment, even my tripod in my car, and as I was driving along – lo and behold – there was a tiger chained in front of a car dealership that was running a sale on their late model cars with a big sign posted – take your photo with a tiger for free.

That was just calling out to me.

I stopped, assessed the situation and decided I had more than a 50% chance of survival and went with it. I set up my tripod and now I have this lasting tribute to my utter stupidity that I have now embarrassed myself with on this website.

I guess – sadly – it will be my last tiger selfie in New York.

Politicians pass laws to curry favor with constituents and they will go to any length to curry. If we had a system that penalized politicians who pass too many laws we’d be better of. It could be like a football game – give them a foul every time they pass a stupid law or too many laws. Have referees, keep scorecards, and throw them off the team when they fail to meet expectations.

If I want to pose with a tiger, leave me the heck alone Cuomo!