Cuomo’s Gun Bill Deprives Citizens of Privacy Rights & Due Process

If ever there was a man who shouldn't be allowed to have a gun, it's Andrew Cuomo!
If ever there was a man who shouldn’t be allowed to have a gun, that man would be Andrew Cuomo!

Cuomo’s gun bill was passed in a frenzy. He has had to walk back some of it because it was unenforceable. The 7-shot magazine was unworkable because it doesn’t exist. Law enforcement was required to have no more than 7 bullets! Obviously that had to be amended.

Privacy rights are violated by the Cuomo bill. The government is allowed to access your health records through Obamacare and it puts more pressure on mental health professionals to report patients who they think could harm themselves or others. A lot of people will stop seeking help.

Check out one section of the law that pertains to mental health:

…Amendments to the Mental Hygiene Law will help ensure that persons who are mentally ill and dangerous cannot retain or obtain a firearm. First, mental health records that are currently sent to NIDCS for a federal background check will also be housed in a New York State database. A new Section 9.46 of the Mental Hygiene Law will require mental health professionals, in the exercise of reasonable professional judgment, to report if an individual they are treating is likely to engage in conduct that will cause serious harm to him or herself or others…

Check out the convoluted and bureaucratic process mandated by Cuomo’s bill:

The man discussed in the video, who, as it turns out was the wrong man, was deprived of his due process rights! That is disturbing. Even more disturbing is that a judge made this decision, but it’s what the judge had to do under Cuomo’s poorly-conceived law:

…upon a finding that a defendant is an incapacitated person pursuant to the CPL. Section 2 adds a new section to the CPL that requires a sentencing judge to demand surrender of a gun license or registration and all guns possessed by the defendant upon judgment of conviction for an offense that requires the seizure of  a gun and the revocation of a gun license or registration…

The finding was the result of no investigation and no due process rights.

Read about the S.A.F.E. Act here.


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