Cuomo’s New York State of “Turn ’em all loose” Injustice


Andrew Cuomo’s New York State has become all “woke” to the “turn ’em all loose” craziness making its way through far-left precincts.  Here are three recent examples of the insanity, now saturating NYS’ “system of justice”.  

Judge Ellen Edwards overruled a request of $100,000 bail for a teacher charged with repeatedly molesting an 11-year-old student, reducing it to just $7,500. That’ll keep him in town.

Just one day prior to this head-scratcher, Judge Edwards rejected prosecutors’ requests to set $25,000 bail for a Brooklyn gang member, arrested with a stolen gun.  In lieu of the dough, she ordered him to write an essay on gun violence.  Nothing on when the composition was due, or who might be grading it.  

As perhaps a warm-up to the above mentioned, Judith Clark, the woman who helped plan the 1981 Brink’s robbery, which resulted in the cold-blooded murder of two police officers and a security guard, was paroled. 

She was eligible only because Governor Cuomo commuted her 75-year sentence. Tana Agostini, the woman casting the deciding vote in Clark’s release was an Assembly criminal-justice staffer, married to a convicted murderer while he was behind bars.  After successfully pushing for her husband’s release, Agostini did the same for a woman complicit in the killing of two cops and an armed guard.

We’ve, to this point, found no mention of Ms. Clark being compelled to write an essay on the evils of using gun violence to orphan the kids and widow the wives of law enforcement personnel.  

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