Cupcakes March in New York City, Call for Trump’s Assassination – Live Feed


There are calls to assassinate Trump, many of these threats come from college students. These are the great minds the colleges are churning out. It’s the same cast of characters that George Soros funds, The Revolutionary Communist Party, the Occupy Wall Street, illegal immigrants who hate us, and so on. They are protesting Trump and our Capitalist system.

MoveOn,a Soros-funded group, is behind a lot of these.

Personally, I don’t give a d@mn about these extremists. They can march but they need to be arrested if they promote the assassination of Donald Trump. They are out of control and that’s something else we can thank Obama for.

In New York City, they are calling for Trump to be assassinated. CNN and MSNBC are fanning the flames. This is a live clip.

Not my president march in New York City, heading for the Trump Tower.

They’re causing massive gridlock.

As usual, the media is calling the riots in Oakland “protests” but would you call this a protest?

These protesters are very offended by Donald Trump’s presidency but some of us might say we are offended by them. Why doesn’t it work both ways?

“Fuck Donald Trump” Chants outside the White House

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UC Berkeley is famous for their micro aggression rules and here they are marching and acting rudely.

Then there is Portland.


  1. This is a poor example to be setting for anyone! Thank Obama,Eric Holder,Hillary,Lynch, & Soros for this behavior! We had to accept 2 terms of Obama & get up & go to work! If these are College kids & their parents see them they need to cut off their funding & tell them not to come home,The basement is locked! get a job! If i recall correctly,we did not protest or riot 7 loot when Obama won. We had jobs we had to rest so we could WORK! GET A JOB!


    They must be assisted Tod Make that statement calls for arrest….. NYPD Get out their and do you Job. Or should we call On Hillary Group of FBI to go do it ???????????????????????????????

  3. Notice the protests are all in states that went to Hillary…California, Illinois, New York. I hope somebody shows up at these protests with job applications.

    • Only NYC, the rest of New York state is Republican. But, the city or numbers the rest of us, cause most of NY is actually rural.

    • I hope somebody shows up with pepper spray so these LBGTQASSHOLES have a reason to cry. I GUARANTEE YOU THIS, the police show up or the National Guard these little no threats will run home to mommy and daddy with the quickness. Or… 5 days in jail would do it. They want to ACT hard, then it will get hard. Seriously they burned a garbage can, that’s all they got??? Go back to your shit community colleges CUPCAKES!! You do not want us showing up believe me. Consider it a warning, as you already have some “GUESTS” on the way! Wait for it……

  4. round up these protesters and send them to china, deport their azzes, and let them get a taste of true communism that killiary was and supports.

    • No just send the Police out in full riot gear with the National Guard and that will be it. Hells Angels and some other biker clubs are on the way to undisclosed locations, that should do it, as some are veterans and just like the rest of us IM QUITE SURE the veterans have had more than enough!! Have fun CUPCAKES!!!

    • To me this is a sign of weakness and failure. I think it is absolutely foolish and uncalled for. Their needs to be consequences for their actions of destruction of property. UNACCEPTABLE! It is an embarrassment to our country and fellow Americans and to have the rest of the world view this……ridiculous! Grow up people. Get a life, get off the couch get a job, and make something of yourselves. Do something positive for yourself and others. Pray for President Trump for guidance and support. HE IS OUR PRESIDENT like it or not…you are given rights and freedom in this country, respect it and enjoy it or go to another country and then you will realize what you had. This is pure foolishness and acting like a bunch of spoiled rotten brats who do not play well with others. Be adults, grow up. I am very ashamed and frustrated by this behavior and have better things to do in my life then to have to hear about this. Perhaps you all have too much time on your hands.

  5. Grow up and quit whining like toddlers. You weren’t screaming this way when Trump fans were threatening assassination and insurrection for the last weeks and months. Or for the last 8 yes of Obama threats. Grow a pair and grow up. Learn to be adults and cut out the double standard.

    • I agree all of them acting like children….They better be carefull there are a lot more people that elected Trump than didn’t…..The way they are acting just shows how ignorant they really are……all your free stuff ends get a life for real already….. and to have children there too how sick is that….

      • They are protesting what? Other people’s votes? Generation. Of self absorbed entitled people. This is exactly why trump was voted in. Sick of it. So happy that I didn’t have to wake up and see Hillary with the mothers of the thugs and Beyoncé and JAzee. I’ll take Yrump anyday.

      • Check your numbers. HILLARY won the popular vote.

        That said, yeah, calling for the assassination of Trump is flat out wrong, just as him suggesting 2nd ammendment people take out Hillary was flat out wrong.

        There have been many arrests.

        I doubt anyone will get tried for treason. They are saying it in the heat of the moment just after an election where the popular vote winner lost and they are not exactly people wih a lot of money to hire a hit man or a loud enough voice for someone to be wanting to impress them (which was the case with Trump)

        He has had a secret service detail for quite some time already.

    • So glad you could justify it! Tell that to the people who’s cars and businesses and communities are being tore up!! Tell that to the person trying to get to WORK but can’t because the roads are all blocked. There’s a HUGE difference between protest and riot.. what’s going on are NOT protest they are riots!

  6. Amazing the hypocrisy of the far left. They claim to be educated yet they act like a screaming 3 year old durin a temper tantrum.. They claim to be peace loving yet they scream for blood. I truly believe that liberalism and progressiveness are not political or ideological movements anymore. I honestly believe it’s fed by some sort of brain deficiency. A medical anomaly. Some sort of genetic failure or breakdown of common sense that creates these like minded crazy people. They do realize that if they start civil unrest, it won’t be pretty for them.

  7. Well now….as I’m the current middle-aged middle-class American, I can’t help but look at their faces and notice their all of their average age….20-somethings. I personally think that they all need to put down their cute little latte drinks and get their asses to work HELPING make this country a better place, because they’re doing exactly the opposite with their actions. If one of my 6 children (all in their 20’s) were involved in something like that, I’d disown them REGARDLESS of who I voted for. All I can say, is that when they’re old enough to wipe their own asses, pay a mortgage and two car payments every month, and raise kids for 18 (or more) years, THEN maybe they might have a believable reason to protest, but calling for an assassination??? I think that they should be jailed….immediately!!

  8. During the campaign to elect Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Machine made up many lies and Donald Trump is OFTEN MISQUOTED! 1. He said that we should ban muslims TEMPORARILY; until we are sure that those that are allowed here aren’t here to harm American Citizens… Look it up, it’s on the internet (YouTube). 2. He said that many of the illegal Mexicans crossing our border illegally are thieves, rapists, murders, and drug carriers. (Or mules). (To me they’re ALL law breakers). 3. The recorded bus conversation… If you’ll listen for yourself you will hear him say… “I love to kiss them sometimes without their permission.”. When you’re famous you can grab them by the P…y; never does he say that’s what he does! Yes he talks ADULT after all he is 70 years old! He is not POLITICALLY CORRECT! He has never held an elected office! He was a Business Major in College! Right now he has OVER 500 different Companies… With one PARENT company. At least 4 of his business ventures failed. He currently employs over 19,000 employees!I

    Donald Trump wants to help the refugees, but doesn’t want them brought here; he wants the to remain in a US MILITARY SAFE ZONE in the Area of the middle east! There’s NO WAY to vet the refugees; they do not have the ability to nor do they keep records on their people that are found guilty of crimes.

    His tax plan would force the UPPER 2% of the tax bracket his group to ACTUALLY PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE! The current system allows the rich even him to pay less taxes than the other 98 percent! He also wants to be sure that ALL OF THE BILL OF RIGHTS ARE PROTECTED for all Americans!

    • if some of them would watch other channels on tv they would see the stock markets went up the day after the election. shows they know we will get jobs back, more people having to work only one good paying job, instead of 2 or 3 to support their family. you protesters need to read up on george soros, this man wants to destroy our county so he can make money from it. all of you are doing exactly what he needs you to do. he’s a very evil man. he owns Hillary and Obama. you can read up on that too

    • It’s actually a crime to call for violence against anyone. They’ll say it’s free speech, but there’s a fine line between inciting violence, and speaking your mind. These Millenials make me worry about our great nation’s future.

  9. There’s a lot of hurt and tantrum-throwing in the country right now. Wounds are being made that, in some cases, will never heal. Politics is a nasty, cut-and-thrust business. Two people of intelligence can, in good faith, earnestly and passionately defend opposing views, believing the future of their nation and their loved-ones is at stake. And it is. So earnest combat is joined to decide your fate and the fate of your people. “Dialog” and negotiation will not decide these existential issues. 2+2 is 4. That is a fact. No amount of negotiation will ever make it 6. So the issue is decided by political combat. That is our nature and it will remain so.

    Existence is hard, and facts are facts; they are not changed by opinion, no matter how earnestly believed. Screaming denials, threats, shaming and violence may temporarily cow the weak, but they will never change facts. Someone is wrong. Someone is right. So combat is joined. If one does not accept and understand this, one should stay out of political activism, because you’re going to get bloody. It’s up to you how you react to it. Rioting, screaming and shaming is not a winning strategy in warfare.

    A wise exchange I once heard about this:
    “I think the lesson could have been learned without all this.” “If you can’t take a little bloody nose, maybe you should go back home and hide under your bed; it’s not safe out here. It’s wondrous. But it’s NOT for the timid.”

    In any earnest combat, someone is going to win a battle and someone is going to lose that battle. A lost battle does not mean a lost war. One must pick-up, assess what did not fit the facts, change tactics and “fight another day.” Throwing a tantrum, burning one’s own neighborhood, destroying the property of others and destroying long-standing relationships because one has lost a battle causes one to lose support from the very people he hopes to win-over, that he may eventualy win the war. It is self-defeating. Stand up. Assess the loss. Bind your wounds. Have faith that the victory of your ideals will come in time. Live to fight another day.

  10. Last I checked, open assassination threats towards the president and vice president elect are FEDERAL FELONIES so why are these fucktards not in jail? Stop your damn whining!! It’s OVER.. YOU LOST!! Don’t like it? GET THE F[] OUT!

  11. Why is it that no one will call this what it is? This is not a protest. This is organized riot. Why do they all have the same yellow signs? Because they all came on the same bus. Yes it should be against the law to threaten to assasinate the president. It should be against the law to riot and insight violence. But who is going to arrest them? Not the people who are paying them. Obama has bought and paid for this mentality. Just another muslim trying to destroy our country from within. But now we can say farewell Obama. Now maybe these worthless mindless idiots he has created will either have to GET A JOB, GO TO JAIL, OR GET DEPORTED. God Bless America and Donald Trump. We will prevail.

  12. First thing you do is roll the national guard. Then you track down Soros and seize his assets. And arrest the one with the idiot with the megaphone for inciting a riot

  13. I am so happy that I didn’t wake up to Black lives matter and the mothers of the thugs and Beyoncé and JAzee flanking Hillary. THank you AMerica.

  14. Those people should be thrown into jail. A peaceful protest is one thing but to call for the assassination of the President-elect – it’s not only disgusting and dangerous but also unAmerican.

    Trump should be given a chance – he won fair and square according to the Electoral College system.

    If you know of people who are saying things like this call your local police .. The streets of America need peace.

    Every so called American who talks like this and who holds violent protests should be ashamed of being American and thrown into jail.

  15. You all want to protest like this fine Get a picture of every single one of them if they are getting federal aid in any way shape or form for college .Revoke it take it away let them fend for themselves after that .

  16. they are all young people not working apparently over 40 hours weekly no time for that and the young people are burning the flag for punishment of burning a flag make them join the military and go to boot camp because they are being immature brats

  17. Why do we not see Hillary calling for peace and calm??? Because she LOVES it!
    Hillary has been shown-up by Rodney King.
    Just let that sink in for a moment folks.

  18. This is what our future held THANK GOD TRUMP WON! We the people of UNITED STATES can put a stop to it our children and grandchildren has a chance now!! THANK YOU GOD!!

  19. My question is when Mr President elect yelled lock her up and go to the polls and watch “Those people and the election is rigged” What did you expect to happen? You think interviewing people who said they would start a revolution and kill her was a good idea. Words that’s all they are. Looting it acceptable. But don’t call them cupcakes when we had a political candidate that had people screaming killery and lock her up. Be careful what you wish for these kids think the election is rigged. No one to blame but himself.

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