Curse-tan Gillibrand, Named “Hottest” in the Senate, Is Running 2020


Who is Kirsten Gillibrand, the whiney #MeToo woman from upstate New York who became an elite Schumer babe overnight? We have the answer.

Described by Harry Reid as the Senate’s “hottest member”, Kirsten Gillibrand is running for President after she promised she wouldn’t. In addition to her hotness, Curse-tan Gillibrand does use the “F” word, proving her down-to-earthiness.

She lied, right here, in this clip:

Gillibrand first won the Senate seat claiming she was a Second Amendment supporter, who kept a shotgun under her bed. Guns were still the in thing at the time. After one meeting with Chuck Schumer, she became a rabid anti-gun advocate. Unlike the rest of us, she can afford bodyguards.


When she ran for the senate seat, she was heavily funded and supported by the Clintons. That’s no longer popular so she threw Bill Clinton overboard for his anti-woman past she knew about when she took his money. Harvey was a donor buddy too.

Kirsten with her #MeToo buddies

Gillibrand has carved out a leadership role for herself as a #MeToo leader. The MeToo movement has become another contrived leftist movement to attract female voters to their cause.

You can really trust Gillibrand to not follow the rule of law. Look how she believed Blasey Ford over Judge Kavanaugh without evidence of any kind.

She said she believed Mrs. Ford because she’s telling the truth. Almost everything Her Hotness says in the clip below has been debunked. She believed her with no proof.

“I believe her because she’s telling the truth,” she said.

The currently far-lefter says the future is female and intersectional which leaves men nowhere.

Open Borders Gillibrand has put out the call to abolish ICE, but, as a practiced chameleon, that could change with the polls.


The audience was filled with her fans, probably her entire family as well.

She says she’s the woman for the job. That’s not true.

There is a lot of enthusiasm for her run. Out of 1.31 million followers, 23 retweeted. Hey, it’s a start!

Like other Democrats before her who open beer bottles for the public, cook while chatting, and talk immigration while having teeth cleaned, she appears in a tweet as a messy hausfrau dressed in rugged plaid at home, touting her recipe for berry cobbler. See, she’s just like you and me – not!

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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

A flip-flopper to be sure, no center of gravity.