Cursing Acosta Finally Asks a Fair Question After Trump Issues a Warning


CNN’s Jim Acosta has to be the most unprofessional reporter plying the trade. During a critical summit in which the President was working on signing a historic partnership agreement with North Korea — a First — Acosta screamed out questions. He’s buffoonish.

When President Trump and Kim Jong-un paused on the balcony for a break, Acosta screamed out to them both as they stood looking around.

Jim Acosta: Mr. President, how is the meeting going so far, sir?… Any progress, Mr. President?… Mr. President, how’s it going so far, sir? What do you think?

President Trump: Very, very good.

Jim Acosta: Mr. Kim will you give up your nuclear weapons, sir?

After President Trump went back into the room with Kim, Acosta was caught on a hot mic saying this: “Hey, if they’re not going to let me in the fucking meeting, then that’s what happens.”


This morning, Acosta raised his hand during a presser. Trump, who hadn’t slept for more than 25 hours, warned him since he is such a child, “Go ahead. Be nice. be respectful’.

“I’ll be very respectful, sir. What did Kim Jong Un say to you to give you the confidence that for once in the history of North Korea they are not cheating the system and gaming the world and gaming the people who will have to go in and make sure they are giving up their nuclear arsenal?”

“Very fair question,” Trump responded.”He mentioned the fact they proceeded down the path in the past and nothing got done. In one case, they took billions of dollars during the Clinton regime. Took billions of dollars and nothing happened,” he continued.

“He brought it up to me. He said we have never gotten this far. I don’t think they have ever had the confidence in a president they have right now for getting things done and ability to get things done. He was very firm in the fact that he wants to do this — I think he might want to do this as much or even more than me,” Trump added.

“Because they see a bright future for North Korea. You never know. We never know. We signed a comprehensive document today. I think most of you have been given that document. We signed a very, very comprehensive document and I believe he will live up to that document.”


Acosta has been unapologetic about his behavior at the summit and went on to bash the President in a tweet. Acosta is not a journalist, he’s a leftist activist.

Canceling the exercises is actually nothing. The exercises won’t take place until next year and he said he is canceling only “some” exercises. He did so with the blessing of South Korea’s President apparently. If Kim doesn’t follow through, he can still hold them. They’re really more saber-rattling anyway.

Acosta also sent out a left-handed compliment tweet:

President Trump’s campaign manager for 2020 wants Acosta’s press credentials pulled. Acosta’s a fool who’s only role is to embarrass the President. The hate-filled left is calling Acosta a “hero”.

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