Cyber Monday Protests Over Shooting of Laquan McDonald Inexplicably Aimed at Business


protests in Chicago

Barack Obama gave a statement about the death of unarmed teen Laquan McDonald who was shot 16 times by a Chicago police officer without apparent provocation, provided the video is telling the true story. Obama said he was “deeply disturbed” but what was especially noticeable is he didn’t say the FBI was going to run their own investigation. Could it be because the entire city is ruled by Democrats, including his friend and former aide Rahm Emanuel?

Maybe it’s because the President’s Task Force on Policing kicked off in Chicago. It’s very unusual for Barack Obama to say and do nothing.

The Chicago police Department as well as the government needs to be investigated, not only because of the death of Laquan McDonald and the subsequent cover up for a year, but because there have been issues for years.

Black men are killing black men in the ghettos with no sign of improvement.

This is what liberal, one party government gets you.

The protesters haven’t been burning buildings and shooting off guns, but they did block stores on Cyber Monday, hurting innocent business owners and their customers.

In this video, you’ll see they won’t let customers in and just keep up their annoying chants.

Bill O’Reilly complimented their behavior Monday so I guess we have a very low bar now.



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