D.C. Dems Honor Families of Lawmen Killed by Illegals – LOL


Some Democrats want to invite the families of 2 young black men, who lost their lives in struggles with police officers, to President Obama’s State of the Union Address. Both died resisting arrest.

The following is a list of 10 law enforcement officers who were killed by illegal aliens.  Included is the age, number of surviving family members, and a link to a brief history of their selfless service. Virtually all of them were murdered while making arrests.

Racing now to claim bias by white police, thus far wholly unproven in the 2 cases cited above, Dem pols showed no such rush towards highlighting the easily proven, deadly affect, a porous border can have on the lives of courageous cops and their beloved families.

Brian Terry- 40 y/o Survived by his parents, brother, two sisters, five nieces, and one nephew, Brian Terry

Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas- 30 y/o Left a wife and 2 children, Roberts Rosas

Deputy Sheriff Danny Oliver- 47 y/o Left a wife and 2 daughters, Danny Oliver

Sheriff’s Deputy Michael David Davis Jr.- 42 y/o Left a wife and 4 children, Died 26 years to the day his father was killed on duty, Danny OliverMichael Davis

Officer Shane Figueroa- 25 y/o Left a wife 3 month old daughter, parents, 2 brothers & a sister, Shane Figueroa

Senior Border Patrol Agent Luis A. Aguilar- 32 y/o Left a wife, 2 children, parents and a brother, Luis Aguilar

Park Ranger Kristopher William Eggle- 27 y/o Survived by his parents and sister, Kristopher William Eggle

Border Patrol Agent Javier Vega Jr. 36 y/o- Left a wife, 3 children, parents, Javier Vega Jr.

Chief Ernest Mendoza- 54 y/o Left a wife and 7 children, Ernest Mendoza

Officer Brian Howard Jackson- 28 y/o Left a wife, parents and sister, Brian Howard Jackson

By our count there have been 56 immediate family members left to grieve the murder of their cherished loved one, still waiting for a Democrat invite to a State of the Union. They shouldn’t hold their breath. Their plight doesn’t fit needs of a party now focused on racially divisive political opportunism.


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