D.C. Judge Backs Off DACA Ruling a Bit But Says Obama’s Memo Rules


The judge who ordered DACA restarted over the President’s ruling now says the President doesn’t have to allow new DACA, The Washington Times reported. The order still stands otherwise.

Judge John D. Bates acknowledged the legal mess that’s arisen around DACA and said he didn’t want to make it worse, so he issued a partial stay of his own ruling.

That means DACA, illegal immigrants who came as children, who are currently in the country can get renewals of their protection from deportation.


Thousands of DACA recipients had exploited that loophole under the Obama administration, but the Trump administration had shut it down. The judge is ordering the President to abide by Obama’s rule.

The government had said that if DACA were completely restarted more than 100,000 new applications would be filed, as well as 30,000 requests for advance parole. That would overwhelm U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the agency that handles the applications, Judge Bates ruled.

In other words, a D.C. judge is telling the current President he must abide by Barack Obama’s rule executed by memo but he’s giving him a bit of a break.

Judge John D. Bates is legislating from the bench, a power not entrusted to him by the people. He agreed that the President and DHS have the power to revoke the [illegal] Obama-era DACA program, but they cut too many corners.

Obama directed his DHS secretary to issue a memo in 2012 that children brought to America by illegal alien parents had the right to stay in America if they met certain qualifications. That directive was DACA [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals].

The Constitution says nothing about a judge in D.C. overruling the President.

It’s indisputable that DACA was both illegal and unconstitutional. It openly excused hundreds of thousands of illegals from observing the law—that’s unabashed amnesty.

Two years later, Obama proclaimed a new amnesty of 4 million more illegals. He called it “Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents” (DAPA). He also gave them all social security benefits — retroactive.

The vetting process was a joke also.

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