D.C. Rats Are Moving & Heading for Virginia


I wish I was kidding about this story, but unfortunately, I’m not. Fact is stranger than fiction as you will see.

Virginians are worried because D.C. rats are possibly being relocated to Virginia. No, I’m not talking about politicans, I’m talking about rats, mice, vermin, and other rodents.

The Wildlife Protection Act of 2010, a D.C. law, requires rodents not be killed [perish the thought] but rather captured and relocated.

No rat or mouse traps allowed in D.C.

D.C. has a serious rat infestation, especially so since the filthy OWS encampments became havens for them, and the rodents now have to be relocated without separating their families.

Vermin, once captured, have to be sent to a wildlife rehabilitator and/or relocated. It is unclear who the rehabilitators are, where they might be, or if they even exist. Killing vermin, while possible, can only be done under very unreasonable circumstances – relocations are easier.

Once vermin are selected for relocation, efforts must be focused on not breaking up rat families.

Virginia and Maryland are likely target relocation areas for the vermin.

This is the result of extreme animal activist lunacy.

Ken Cuccinelli, the Viginia AG, doesn’t want them coming across the Potomac after all these disease-ridden rodent families are rounded up to be moved to new homes.

Great interview from CNS News follows –

CNS News:


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