Da Nang Dick & Crazy Mazie Unhinged! Barr Squashes Stolen Valor Dick


Sen. Richard Blumenthal who lied about his military service.

Stolen Valor Da Nang Dick Blumenthal called Bill Barr a liar. He accused him of lying under oath in his previous testimony since he already had the Mueller letter and allegedly claimed he didn’t know how Mueller felt.

The fact is the ‘lie’ was not a lie. It was a truthful response Bill Barr gave under oath in relation to a different question than that which was addressed in the Mueller letter. Bill Barr answered it literally and he answered truthfully.

That conclusion was not related to the findings in the letter, it was related to the findings on obstruction.

The fact that the Democrat didn’t ask the question correctly is not Bill Barr’s problem. He is allowed to directly answer the question asked of him.

The Democrats are accusing Barr of lying, knowing he didn’t. Rep. David N. Cicilline, chairman of the House Democratic Policy and Communications Committee, accused him of lying and Nadler said he testified untruthfully.

Crazy Adam Schiff is demanding Barr resign. Wouldn’t he love that?

All I have gotten out of the hearings so far is Democrats lie and want to destroy Bill Barr.

Democrats are a broken record and no matter what evidence he presents, they accuse him of lying and misrepresenting the Mueller report.


A deranged Senator Hirono, crazy Mazie, followed up by calling him a liar. These people are desperate and talking to their dumber electorate who only believe what they are told by Dems and their media. Mazie said he “betrayed” the trust of the American people and he “should resign.”

She is so vile. Mazie irrationally slandered Bill Barr, and wouldn’t let him answer any of the attacks. She loves to malign people and has proven that time and again. Here at the Sentinel, we think that she is literally insane.

The Mueller letter is RESOLVED by the way!

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