DACA Demand “Rights”, Free Stuff, Tucker Says


The Soros group “United We Dream,” staged a theatrical photo-op of“sympathetic” cases of DACA activists for a demonstration at the Capitol on Wednesday.

While Americans work hard, the people here illegally demand their “rights” and benefits?

They staged a mock funeral under the banner of  “They [real Americans] are killing our dreams.” They know they will get what they want. This is a funeral without a body.

They’re actors, not Americans and this is more of the Democrat globalist dream of social engineering.

One of the illegal alien demonstrators blamed Republicans for the consequences of the crimes of their parents, saying, “To the Republican Party, you are responsible for us not being able to be with our loved ones… it’s on you. That pain, that suffering rests on your heart and your shoulders. And this flowers is for all those people that are crossing the border and risking their lives.”

Good grief.

These hard-left Dreamers staged a demonstration outside DisneyLand as well. Tucker addressed that.





  1. It’s certainly arrogant in the extreme for a class of people to go out and demonstrate and DEMAND from THIS country anything.

    I had been sympathetic to illegals in this country but Now, not so. As far as I’m concerned we should FIRST determine who those are in the streets making demands and condemning OUR President and NEVER allow them to even STAY here. Those should be the First to be in the van leaving.

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