Daftness we missed in the 6th socialist Democrat debate that Tucker caught


While we thought we properly presented the insanity and insipidness of the 6th socialist Democrat debate, we did miss a few things Tucker Carlson picked up.

Dana Perrina came on after Tucker’s open and managed to find some good in the debate, namely, Trump was barely mentioned, Joe was “a little more in command,” and Klobuchar “was able to shine.” We didn’t see any shine but Dana did. It was a little surreal when she said she found it was more “substantive” than other debates but then we realized it’s an extremely low bar.

Tucker, however, brought out the real winning moments — winning for Trump.

Did you know that Warren will only honor black transgender women murder victims? She will also let men transfer into women’s prisons depending on what they say their gender is.

Tucker said in a normal country, she would be “laughed off” the stage. It would make women’s prisons “irrelevant,” he said, and would serve about “9 people at the expense of everyone else.” He added, “what a nut she is.”

Yes, indeed.

Identity politics is “an incitement to tribalism,” Tucker asserted.

“The things they’re saying are crazy,” he added disbelieving.

We missed that Warren statement and we missed St. Pete Buttigieg promising to give reparations to illegal aliens. St. Pete also wants ‘wronged’ illegal aliens to have a fast track to citizenship to make up for them not getting in illegally.

Tucker thinks St. Pete, who ended up in ‘Leon Trotskyville’ during the debate, is trying to actively lose.

What Americans should be doing, but this is Sentinel’s view, is arresting the parents for child abuse.

While we did pick up on the Joe Biden plan to destroy all fossil fuels and hundreds of thousands of jobs in the name of the Green New Deal, Tucker says it better.


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