Daily Caller EXCLUSIVE: CNN Staff, Andrew Kaczynski Are Reeling, They’re VICTIMS


Betsy Rothstein, CNN’s new hit woman at the Daily Caller blog

Unfortunately, the Daily Caller has a writer who is an anti-Christian, neverTrumper, named Betsy Rothstein. Her latest “exclusive” article, titled, CNN Staff Reeling After Personal Info Leaked in Revenge For Andrew Kaczynski Attack on Reddit User, portrays CNN as VICTIMS. It is likely sourced by Andrew Kaczynski himself. He is a longtime friend of hers.

Kaczynski is an anti-Republican hit man who was brought on to CNN from Buzzfeed to destroy Republicans and Trump. He recently spearheaded the hunt and attack on a reddit user who posted a harmless joke video. It shows Trump defeating CNN at a match.

Rothstein’s article follows Jeff Zucker, the CNN head, playing the victim on the pages of The New York Times.

The entire article defends CNN, beats up Trump and his son, and calls for unwarranted pity. Yesterday Zucker wanted people to believe that CNN is being attacked by Trump because of their unbiased reporting. In The Daily Caller blog article, the author wants readers to believe Trump is abusing CNN. He is using them as a “punching bag” to “fulfill his need for a public enemy”.

She has a secret source, an insider at CNN, and it is her only source. The source is undoubtedly Kaczynski, her good friend, but whoever it is, if not him, is who planted the story to manipulate opinion.

Personal info posted, poor CNN

CNN staffers have allegedly had their addresses posted online, including Kaczynski’s. Her source says:

“Frustrated by our critics’ double standards,” a CNN insider said on condition of anonymity. “Frustrated that CNN staffers’ private information is being published in ‘retaliation’ — when the network made the decision to not out the Reddit user. Frustrated by the speed in which misinformation, lies and hate spreads. Frustrated that POTUS’s son has no accountability.”

She’s referring to two errors Donald Trump Jr. made. There were reports the reddit user was 15 years old, but he appears to be a man in his forties. Donald Trump Jr. tweeted he was a kid. Secondly, Trump’s son thought Kaczynski deleted one tweet but hadn’t.

Both were mistakes based on reporting by others. For that, Kaczynski has been tweeting endlessly about what a liar Donald Trump Jr. is. Now, it suddenly shows up on The Mirror, The Daily Caller’s blog.

Rothstein claims several anchors and reporters have received threats of rape and other violence. If you are to believe this without evidence, ask yourself why they aren’t lodging police complaints and posting the threats for all to see?

This sounds like the story Morning Joe put out. He said he has texts proving top White House officials blackmailed him. Yet he won’t post them to prove it. He hasn’t filed any complaints with law enforcement either.

Rothstein’s conclusion is CNN is a victim indeed. The insider source told her, “CNN is held to a wildly higher standard than our critics hold each other or themselves.”

CNN’s lies aren’t the problem

CNN’s long list of provably fake news stories and their blatant Trump assaults have nothing to do with their ratings collapse according to poor CNN. No, not at all.

We are to believe in the innocence of CNN, the network that, in the last two weeks:

  • invented a totally fake Russia story about Anthony Scaramucci;
  • blackmailed an ordinary reddit user;
  • published fake quotes by Abe Lincoln;
  • called Trump fake news when he’s repeating mainstream news. For example, CNN’s Jim Acosta said just yesterday that it was fake news for Trump to question 17 intelligence agencies. BUT even the NY Times and AP say it’s 3 or 4 and Clapper says 3;
  • employs producers who call voters “stupid as sh*t” and know the Russia story is “bulls*t” and a “nothing burger”;
  • and, among a long list of other fake stories, there is their edited videos (listen to the video clip below).

This next segment with Tucker Carlson and Joe Concha sums up the phony selective outrage quite well.

Who is Betsy Rothstein?

Another interesting question concerns the author of the article herself.

Rothstein was fired from FishbowlDC after she was sued by a publicist for libel and publishing false information.

The gossip columnist was surprisingly hired by the Daily Caller blog in 2013 after she wrote four posts about the size of an unknown Washington Post video host’s breasts.

People rejoiced at her firing at FishbowlDC. They couldn’t solve the mystery of why she’d be hired anywhere. She has her defenders but, make no mistake, she targets people, often those who are less famous than her. And she’s not famous.

As an example of how she operates, she wrote a story about Slate contributor Amanda Hess. She claimed Hess threatened to kill someone. Rothstein wrote a post about a tweet Hess sent in reply to someone who’d read her story about the false intimacy of hugs. Rothstein reported the tweet said “Alex, if people start hugging me over this I am going to kill you.” In fact, it says, “Alex if people start hugging me over this I’m going to be very upset with you.”

Her very long list of “mistakes” when it comes to her targets is a good example of how much one can trust her. Read about it at New Republic.

This next excerpt comes from Washington City Paper:

“She is evil,” Jim Newell, the Gawker politics blogger, informed me via IM a few months before I moved here. Around the same time Alex Pareene, another former colleague and friend now at Salon, wrote a post calling her a “hack” known for “toiling in near-obscurity” authoring “inexplicably nasty, personal items about other D.C. journalists” (whom she “seemingly”—albeit sadly mistakenly—”considered her competition”). In an e-mail, Huffington Post’s Jason Linkins dubbed Rothstein “the platonic ideal of a complete fucking moron”; on Twitter he has referred to the “Fishbowl fuck” as a “scumbag” who should “DIAF” (die in a fire).

These are her friends, according to the article. Another friend of hers emailed the author at City Paper to say FishbowlDC became “too toxic” under her leadership. Now she’s toxic at the Daily Caller blog.


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