Daily Mail Columnist’s Epic Anti-Merkel Rant: “She Could Murder Both Her Parents in the Night”


A Daily Mail columnist said Donald Trump and Angela Merkel are complete opposites and couldn’t imagine the meeting going well Friday.

On his show, Steve Varney introduced,Katie Hopkins, a Daily Mail’ columnist, and asked her whether the meeting between Trump and Merkel would be “awkward.

What she said then was really unexpected.

“It makes me — it’s going to be the most awkward meeting of all time. This is going to be the equivalent, the political equivalent of having your ex-wife at a wedding. And it’s going to be horrible. These two could not be more opposite. He likes cheeseburgers, she is about the frankfurters. He is flamboyant, she could murder both her parents in the night and eat their livers for breakfast and you would never know. These two are diametrically opposed. He wants a travel ban, she’s the mother of all migrants. I do not see this meeting going well.

Hopkins wondered why he’d even have her in the building.

This is a very entertaining clip . There’s more, you have to listen to this British columnist describe the boring Mrs. Merkel who uses Illuminati gestures as the unelected leader of the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels…

It’s funny she should say this. The photo-op between Merkel and Trump today was very awkward. When a reporter suggested they shake hands, Trump either didn’t hear, which we doubt, or he had no desire to. I wouldn’t shake her hand either.

Merkel’s a wacky broad who sold her country out.

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