“Damning, Brutal, Explosive” Testimony by Bill Taylor Was 100% GOSSIP


On Tuesday, William Taylor gave his ‘stunning‘ testimony that they expect will lead to President Trump’s final reckoning. At least that’s what the media suggests. The testimony was devastating, brutal, damningexplosive, and it was the smoking gun, according to the MSM.

Bill Taylor, the top American diplomat to Ukraine, testified about an alleged quid pro quo involving Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.


The New York Times published an article on Wednesday that suggests otherwise. In the story of the ‘Envoy’s Damning Account,’ the author writes:

“Mr. Taylor neither described any direct conversation with Mr. Trump himself nor made any reference to documents or recordings that would explicitly implicate the president. Instead, he provided a road map for investigators by quoting others around Mr. Trump describing his actions and statements,” the piece reads.

In other words, he had no direct information nor did he have evidence implicating the President. Basically, he’s been gossiping with people around the President and could possibly be whistleblower one or two.

Whistleblower one had no direct knowledge but did have a collection of newspaper articles. He spoke with whistleblower two who allegedly had some direct knowledge, but we’re still waiting to find out WHAT!

The whistleblowers are really just leakers.

The Times reported that Taylor “provided a road map for investigators by quoting others around Mr. Trump describing his actions and statements.”

A road map quoting others is hardly evidence of anything, especially since there are a whole lot of nasty people who have been around the President betraying him.

These crazy leftists are presenting hearsay as fact.


Can you make a stronger case than that which Rep. Zeldin is describing in this next clip? It’s 4th-hand information and when you get to the end it’s not anything impeachable. [How dare they insult our intelligence]

Taylor is a disgrace and should be fired.



  1. This is nothing but water cooler gossip used as hardcore truths being used by the Deep State to overthrow the President, a coup by traitors.

  2. No judge would even allow hearsay evidence like this by the prosecution if this were a court case. For obvious reasons, it can’t be proven. No, the real purpose is to influence the elections because the Democrats know they have no action they can impeach Trump on. That is why the “hearings” are private. If the electorate would know what’s going on behind doors, they would vote many Democrats out next year.

    Hopefully, Inspector General Horowitz’s pending report and US Attorney Durham’s report puts and end to this coup and causes great long-term damage to the Democrats.

  3. outrageous, this hoax is a coup, period…John Ratcliffe destroyed his testimony…when are the demoncraps going to show transparency?

    • Never.

      Another question is “When will the republican leaders investigate the actual scandals, instead of launching new investigations of Trump”.

      Mitch/Burr just launched an investigation of Trump over the Ukraine.

      Another question is “When will the DOJ & Barr do something?”

  4. The Fake Media all sing from the same song book, word for word. The DNC must provide their scripts every day and they just parrot the words. No thought, no investigating, just repeat DNC daily BS.

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