Dan Bongino Says of Dem Operative, “We’re All Dumber for Listening to That”


Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino waited for his turn to speak on the Tucker Carlson show after Democrat operative Chris Hahn went through an unbelievable spiel on the alleged difference between the Hillary-Russia opp research and the Trump Jr. effort to obtain opp research from a Russian lawyer.

Bongino said he lost IQ points just listening to it.

Michael Cohen accused President Trump of knowing about the Trump Tower meeting before it took place. Tucker went through a mocking introduction to the allegations that were treated melodramatically by the left-wing media and their guests. The left seemed to think it was criminal , impeachable and the worst thing since the Visigoths took over Rome.

Even left-wing reporter Glenn Greenwald has asked why it was not okay for Trump to get opp research from Russians  but it was okay for Hillary to do it.

The Democratic operative tried to draw a distinction between them. It’s a funny segment with Hahn making no sense and talking whenever Tucker spoke. It was crazy.


Dan Bongino said he liked Chris off the air a lot but we’re all “dumber for listening to that.”

Bongino boiled it down to the two cases. One case  involvied Hillary and Russians, and the other involves Trump  jr. and Russians.

“In one case,” Bongino said, “a couple Russians meet with Trump Jr., two are tied to Hillary, they pass no information on,  and that’s the crime of the century. But actual Russians who put together information according to their own dossier, who passed it to the Clinton team, which was used Tucker to spy on an American citizen, and take down a presidency, no big, hey, nothing to see here, ignore that, pay attention to this meeting. This is insane. I can’t believe we are even having this conversation.”

Tucker said if you question it, you’re unpatriotic. You are not allowed to question the official narrative.

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