Dana Perino Thinks Sessions Is Heading for DHS


Dana Perino, George Bush’s former press secretary, said on The Five, a Fox show she co-hosts, that rather than chaos, the Trump White House might have a decisive plan behind the latest firings. The chaos might be chaos only on the surface. She sees a deeper intent.

Reince Priebus couldn’t get the job done as she said. DHS secretary John Kelly on the other hand brings military discipline and expertise to the job. Most think he’s a brilliant choice, including Perino.

Mrs. Perino said this might have been set up weeks ago. Jeff Sessions is doing his best work on immigration and she thinks that’s where he will eventually wind up.

“Well, where can Jeff Sessions do even more on immigration? As the Secretary of Homeland Security,” she told the panel. “So I think what they’re going to try to do is move Sessions over to DHS, and then how can conservatives complain? And then you have a new AG … who can fire [Robert] Mueller.”

Trump would avoid conservative backlash and he would be able to hire someone he feels will be loyal to him if Mueller needs to be fired.

The Five, all of them, found this a very believable scenario.

Jeff Sessions is successfully rounding up MS-13 and working with the El Salvadoran President. He received a warm greeting in the country because the majority of the population welcomes help in eradicating this transnational gang. It has been compared to ISIS in our hemisphere and is causing abject misery in their nation.

Ret. General Kelly is a loss to DHS but he might be of tremendous advantage in the White House. Sessions would make a great DHS secretary.


  1. Mr. Priebus was a poor choice from the git go. Never understood it. I suppose they had hoped his ‘knowledge’ of all the players would get stuff done. Well, it’s always, ALWAYS, quid pro quo in Da’ Cesspool (D. C.).

    Since I don’t care much for Mr. Trump and his excrement sandwiched regarding big government, I don’t much care what he and his organization do to continue such stuff.

    So far, which is OK, he’s managed to reverse many of the Obama Executive Orders. That’s done with a stroke of the pen. The Deep State is going to require a lot of folks being let go and I see no one who knows enough to get it done as the weasels and termites have pretty well made themselves a lifetime gig out of exacting misery on American citizens and extracting our wealth. Get rid of the 16th Amendment and these bankrupt socialist programs might finally go away depending how much money they’ll print.

    WASS-OYS (We Are So Screwed-Oh, Ye, Suckers)

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