Danger Ahead! GOP Has to Make Big Changes for 2020 or Lose It All


The mathematics isn’t with the GOP and the Democrat Party is now an extremist Socialist Party which their base accepts as a preferred alternative to the Republican Party.

The United States is divided but the divisions have moved left in areas the President had won.

The Republicans are in trouble and that means the United States Republic is in trouble. Democrats no longer refer to the USA as a constitutional republic, but rather, a democracy. Democracy as they define it means socialism. Democrats now embrace communists and socialists as their base.

The media is ninety percent in their court. If Donald Trump wasn’t President, they would attack whoever took his place. Look at the attacks on the gentlemanly George W. Bush and John McCain.

The GOP has to find a way to broaden the base and they have two years to do it. Trump was able to woo some white working class in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin but only by slim margins which seem to have disappeared this mid-term.

Massive illegal immigration is also a key factor in changing America, beginning with California and New York.


California is lost as is New York and other liberal states. They are one party states in which only the far-left has a strong voice. Gradually, the few Republican seats remaining in California and New York are being lost to far-left Democrats.

It is now clear from the mid-terms that Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Florida are in danger of turning. Virginia has been turned and North Carolina is close.

Democrats took two Congressional seats in Iowa. Iowa might be lost. Rep. King barely won his seat back. Thanks to the Obama-Holder-Soros redistricting lawsuits, Dems won most of the Pennsylvania House seats they tried to win.

Democrats defeated Scott Walker in his third gubernatorial bid in Wisconsin.

The Dems have taken Michigan and that includes two far-left sharia-loving women, one was uncontested due to the large population of sharia foreigners. Minnesota elected a sharia-loving leftist who likely married her brother while married probably in order to scam immigration. Congratulations Minnesota! You take the cake!

Nevada was lost in the mid-terms. New Mexico is turning far left. Colorado is heading in the wrong direction.

Florida races were very close and Democrat Andrew Gillum, who ran for governor, runs a corrupt city with high crime rates. The city is under FBI investigation and he himself skirts the border of criminal behavior. He is also a communist. Gillum almost won and still might. He retracted his concession.

In Georgia, the communist Stacey Abrams is still fighting to get the race back to a runoff. The famous 6th district, formerly Newt’s district, finally flipped to the Democrat.

Jeff Flake’s seat is likely flipped to a far-left kook, Kyrsten Sinema who doesn’t like half the state or the military.

The three states are probably gone

Republicans only won by 80,000 votes in three states and they are losing them now — Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. It’s not looking good for the GOP in those states. One cannot underestimate the impact of the large numbers of foreigners now in those states. Once Democrats redistrict in these states, they might not be winnable.

Remember President Trump lost the popular vote by over 3 million people and he must pick up more voters as well as keep the ones he has. It’s not only up to him, but it’s also up to Congress. They must start making progress on key issues including immigration and healthcare, which Obama made a top issue.

The booming economy wasn’t good enough. Even the obvious corruption in the Democrat Party during the Kavanaugh hearings wasn’t enough.

We can see that the good economy and the Democrats’ evil Kavanaugh assault did help the GOP some but they need to think of ‘what next’.


Democrats move left because that is how they win. Generations of leftists teaching our students have made an impact on society. The Marxist tenets have been woven into the fabric of American society to include: political correctness, identity politics, wealth redistribution, income inequality, women’s rights (radical feminism), social justice, disparate impact, social contract, social engineering, collectivism, the common good, multiculturalism, social democracy or democratic socialism,  solidarity, open borders, environmental justice and all other faux justice, and more.

The one factor in keeping Democrats out of the White House during the Bush and Trump eras was the Electoral College. Keep in mind that Democrats will abolish it or diminish it as soon as they have the power.

Currently, leftist educators are corrupting the minds of the young about the College.

Look at the changes in the Electoral Map and the direction it is going in right now should the President lose Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, Arizona and others. California and New York are never coming back.

Ronald Reagan 1980; George H.W. Bush 1988; George W. Bush 2000; Barack Obama 2008 and 2012; and Donald Trump 2018.

2016, Donald Trump


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