Dangerous Cartels Smuggle People into the US Every Hour of Every Day [Video]


Anonymous foreigners are pouring into the United States with dangerous cartels every hour of every day in some areas of the border, Border Protections says. You might be interested in the shocking video below of what that looks like. In the video, the criminal can be seen bringing in two people only 100 yards from a point of entry.

CBS News’ David Begnaud said he and his producer were working on a story last Wednesday about the border wall President Donald Trump wants to build. They crossed the Rio Grande river on an international bridge from Roma, Texas, into Mexico when they spotted men on a raft. Then they spotted a scout communicating with the person on the raft with a walkie talkie.


The scout started waving his hands at them, telling them to leave in Spanish. It scared the reporters.

This is what the border agents deal with all day long.

The scout followed them to their car and said it wasn’t safe for them. He meant to scare the with his tone of voice and he did.

Ten minutes later, from the U.S. side, they taped the same smuggler walking back across the river.

This is why we need the border wall. People in the area want “more Border Patrol officers, more cameras, more blimps, and more modern technology to try and detect the people who are crossing.”

“Roma, Texas, is located in one of the most volatile areas of the southwest border,” U.S. Customs and Border Protection told the network in a statement. “Smuggling events occur daily, at all hours, as criminal organizations seek to exploit any shortages or gaps in border infrastructure, technology and personnel.”

This is what the Democrat Party insists we all accept. We have no idea who these illegal are. But they will certainly be allowed to stay and one day they will have amnesty. But we’re sure there’s “divinity” in every one of these people who pay criminals to bring them in illegally.


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