Clinton’s Radical Islamic Donor Spreading Charter Schools Throughout the US



Muhammed Fethullah Gülen

Fethullah Gulen called on his supporters, mostly fanatics, to “work patiently and to creep silently into the institutions in order to seize power in the state

Gulen is a silent and possibly insidious jihadist in the United States.

Muhammed Fethullah Gulen is a mysterious Islamic Imam who keeps much of his activities secret. Gulen helped move Turkey from a Western-style democracy to an Islamic democracy. Once a friend of Recip Erdogan’s, they are now on the outs. He came here for medical help in the 1990’s and never returned because of accusations he was attempting to topple the Turkish government.

He is a very influential Muslim preacher and lives in a castle in Pennsylvania. His residency here has been supported and perhaps protected by the Clintons. They are believed to be behind his asylum here.

His Movement – Gulenism – is considered a cult by many while others praise him for sticking up for the West, even at risk of his own safety. He stood up for the Jews during the Flotilla several years back.

He condemns violence but has been accused of misogyny.

Frank Gaffney of The Center for Security Policy calls Gulenism a cult organized  around Fethullah Gulen, whose principle purpose is the same as Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the President of Turkey.

Claire Lopez who wrote a thoroughly-researched book, Gulen and theGulenist Movement, told Frank Gaffney in an interview in May that her book covers Gulenists’ discriminatory hiring practices and their ever-expanding network of schools, 150 at least on the K-12 level and three universities. Their system in Texas is the largest and they are expanding throughout the DC area.

Gulen is a Clinton Foundation donor, as is Recep Erdogan.

The Podesta Group, a firm tied to Bill and Hillary Clinton, registered in May to lobby for the “Alliance for Shared Values.” That comically named organization supports Fethullah Gulen, HeatSt reported.

The extensive web of ties between Gulen, his supporters, and the Clintons has been amply documented by Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller. Gulen allies gave money to the Hillary Clinton campaign and to the Clinton Global Initiative, as well as between $500,000 and $1 million to the Clinton Foundation. Gulen’s supporters have also been operating a charter school network, which “60 Minutes” and others allege may be designed to funnel U.S. taxpayer money back to his supporters in Turkey.

These private charter schools hire foreign teachers using the H1-B visa program. They claim the visas are needed because there aren’t enough qualified teachers in the United States. Of course that is untrue.

Members of the Gulen Movement ship teachers into the United States from Turkey though there appears to be no need for Turkish teachers.

The teachers work in the chain of charter schools that have been established by the Gulenists – radical Islamic Turkish businessmen who are followers of a powerful Imam, Fethullah Gulen.They are an outgrowth of the social and religious movement led by Fethullah Gulen,

Gulen denies he is connected to many of the schools which crop up in poor areas around the country. He is definitely tied to Harmony schools, however, and they have cropped up in D.C. Texas, Georgia, Florida, et al, in 26 states and they continue to expand. They concentrate on math and science and do not teach religion. While Islam is not taught, there are camps and other opportunities to learn about Islam outside of the schools. Also, Turkish history and culture are emphasized. The goal of these schools is to spread knowledge they say. The schools are also lucrative for the Gulen investors.

In 2011, the schools received $150 million in taxpayer dollars.

As famed educator Diane Ravitch asked “…why should foreign nationals take over the functions of local government in the U.S.?”

Harmony Schools have been under investigation by the FBI and the Department of Labor.

The Gulen movement boasts an estimated 8 million followers, 700 schools worldwide and $50 billion in assets.

Boiling Frogs Post, founded by Sibel Edmonds, has some interesting information about the movement:

In 1999 Gulen defected to the US shortly before his scandalous speech, where he is heard calling on his supporters to “work patiently and to creep silently into the institutions in order to seize power in the state”, became public. Turkish prosecutors demanded a ten-year sentence for Gülen for having “founded an organization that sought to destroy the secular apparatus of state and establish a theocratic state”. Mr. Gulen has not left the United States since.

The Netherlands has taken major steps to cut funding to all Gülen associated organizations and is investigating his operations. The Turkish Fethullah Gülen movement is really an Islamic fundamentalist group, claims Rotterdam council member Anita Fähmel (Leefbaar Rotterdam) on the basis of her own study of the Turkish movement.

The Russian government has banned all Gülen schools and the activities of the Nur sect in Russia. Over 20 Turkish followers of Gulen were deported from Russia in 2002-2004.

In 1999 Uzbekistan closed all Gulen’s Madrasas and shortly afterward arrested eight journalists who were graduates of Gulen schools, and found them guilty of setting up an illegal religious group and of involvement in an extremist organization.

In Turkmenistan, government authorities have placed Gulen’s schools under close scrutiny and have ordered them to scrap the history of religion from curriculums.

Gulenism is the most successful movement in Azerbaijan’s unfolding Islamic revival.

Gulen has enjoyed favored status with famous Americans like Bill Clinton.

Lesley Stahl of CBS aired a report on Gulen and the Harmony Schools which you can listen to on this link or view below:

The Center for Immigration Studies has more information.


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