Dangerous Crazy Bernie Sanders Is Raking In the Campaign Cash

Sanders, who announced his second bid for president early Tuesday morning, raised more than $5.9 million in the first 24 hours of his campaign. Soon after the 24-hour mark, that number had risen to $6 million, according to his campaign.

Bernie’s fundraisers and organizers are very enthusiastic. So far, I’ve received an email and a text from MoveOn asking for money for Bernie [I like to know what they’re up to]. Hard-left groups are behind his fundraising efforts. The enthusiastic millennials love him, and there are a lot of them, many will volunteer for these crazy groups.

He will be formidable, whether Democrats want him or not. They can’t cheat him out of the nomination this time around since the weighting of the super delegates has been vastly reduced. And California, the Socialist State, has moved their primary date to June and will now be the first to vote. He will be a strong contender and can expect a huge boost if he wins all those electoral votes.



Sanders wants to pick a younger female as a running mate. It won’t be hard to find someone younger since he will be 79 in September 2020. Perhaps he would look to the horrible Kamala Harris. He could even pick the fake Indian, Elizabeth Warren since even she is younger.

He said on The Young Turks Tuesday, he also wanted a Progressive (Socialist/Communist) to carry the banner.

“I think we would look for somebody who is maybe not of the same gender that I am, and maybe someone who might be a couple of years younger than me, and somebody who can take the progressive banner as vice president and carry it all over this county to help us with our agenda, and help us to rally the American people,” Sanders said.


If you want a clue as to who this lunatic Sanders is, besides being a Communist, his campaign manager co-chaired an event that included a Hamas fundraiser. The Islamofascists are his kind of people. He also endorsed the Hamas Flotilla.

He will say anything. In 1987, he knew healthcare for all would bankrupt the nation by itself, without all the other freebies he’s offering. Did he get dumber since then or will he say or do anything to win?

He also sees Castro as a hero, and Ronald Regan was the devil.




  1. Hey, Bernie, the hero of the American left and Castro’s murdering henchman, Che Guevara, had something to do with the Cuban people not staging a major uprising. He made sure the Cuban people understood how fatal an uprising would be to them and their family.

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