Dangerous Michael Moore Calls for Shunning All Trump Supporters


Communist Michael Moore is calling for half of America to be shunned. Supporters of Trump are all “racist and misogynist” according to him and he wants them shunned. Think of what kind of person supports Moore — it’s a little scary.

He prefers calling people names instead of debating.

Conservative talk radio host Lawrence Jones slammed “lazy” liberals like Michael Moore for pushing “identity politics” instead of engaging in real dialogue about issues.

It’s been an easy way to win arguments. It also allows them to push through their unpopular policies without a lot of people knowing what they are up to. Their followers only know they can’t vote for the alleged haters when it’s the Democrats pushing this hate.

This is dangerous thinking. Banning and shunning people who think differently is what happens in the communist/socialist nations.

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