Dangerous Movement to Bring #BlackLivesMatter Into the Mainstream


#BlackLivesMatter is a White House promoted, Soros-funded hate group that is moving into the mainstream with the help of a media that ignores their radical nature and politicians who appear to shrink in fear.

This group organized marches screaming “pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon,”  they marched chanting about “dead cops”,  they screamed at people eating lunch in restaurants and ruined political events. They are now morphing into a more “respectable” hard left “organization”.

The White House objective is clear. Barack Obama is promoting a lawless America and defends anarchy and a growing chaos that is statist in nature in an effort to push his fundamental transformation of the United States. He has a lot of liberal support for it. It’s amazing how many people want to be cared for by a “benevolent” and soulless government.

People foolishly cheer his every violation of the Constitution.

Black lives definitely Don’t Matter to the #BlackLivesMatter groups or they would be screaming about black on black crime which is mostly gang and drug related. They’d be upset about the little children shot while in their beds or on their grandfather’s lap. They’d be distraught over the young men being beaten for doing well in school and for the young people shot simply while walking home from a local store.

There is no normal white person who doesn’t want blacks to succeed. If they do well, we all do well. Their problem isn’t white people.

The group is pushing to go mainstream in small and big ways. One of the leaders, DeRay McKesson, is running for mayor of Baltimore. If he doesn’t win this time, he might win next time. Since the Obama policing has taken hold in Baltimore, crime has skyrocketed. DeRay wants a lot more of it. He wants police to stop arresting people and certainly not for petty crimes.

He idealistically wants to replace policing with improved education for youth as if those two things are mutually exclusive.

He calls for a repeal of the law enforcement officers’ bill of rights, which gives expanded protections to police officers, the establishment of a database of police complaints and he wants to take an“increasing portion of the police budget to invest in expanding employment and educational opportunities in communities most affected by crime.”

McKesson recently taught classes at Yale Divinity School on why looting by blacks is okay – it’s not their fault, their victims. The hard left needs victims to build the army for their political revolution.

Then there are the small ways they attempt to look “respectable.”

In some schools we have educators guiding children drawing up posters honoring this horde of far-left squeaky wheels.

The following poster was drawn by one of those middle school youngsters under the influence of an adult not looking out for the child’s best interests. It was then hung in a Long Island courthouse. What a message!

If they want to stop the violence, they should start with the gangs. Of course Black Lives Matter but so do Asian and white and Hispanic, blue lives and all lives.

This is racism at its worst and they are working on the children.

stop the violence

Law enforcement has to sit back and take it but there are some retired officers and others fighting back. They spoke to a CBS News reporter this afternoon. They also have a radio show on the Internet which can be found on this link.


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