Dangerous New Models: U.N.’s New Sustainable Goals Target the Over-70 Year Olds for DeathCare


The leftists are changing the way we think. They are altering our belief systems. Our morals and our culture are under attack and being replaced by soulless, unfeeling social engineers who want to control population through attrition and strict governmental controls.

We see that at work wherever universal healthcare exists and we see it beginning with Obamacare.

Socialized healthcare will require rationing according to the Complete Lives System which will obliterate our current moral attitudes towards the very young and the elderly. We have previously valued all life equally but now we are told to value life according to productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Obamacare will gradually ease out the Hippocratic Oath. It must to attain its goals. The 25% to 60% increases each year won’t work, rationing is next and the elderly are the first targets to get hit.

There is no question that these Socialist ideas are without absolute values or boundaries except those that fit in with their value-ideological system at the moment.

Globalists at the Club of Rome and some at the Bilderberg believe there are economic, financial, social and bio-geophysical limits to population growth and they believe it has to be controlled according to the numbers they come up with. They demand consumption limits. They would like to see strong proactive policies – soon – to include social and technical measures.

The Club of Rome includes such luminaries as Jeff Stiglitz, economic advisor to Mayor de Blasio on his 12-point commie plan for New York. He is also an ally of Jeffrey Sachs, an advisor to Pope Francis.

They are stinkers, I mean thinkers, who have creative ideas on how to make the planet population sustainable for the future.

We’ve already seen their ideas on abortion, redistribution, U.N.-directed Agenda 21 goals including control of all water, land and air on earth, and overall social engineering policies.

‘Sustainability’ has been outed and it’s gotten boring so they have a new term to replace it – ‘resilience’.

‘Value-adding’ is a popular term. We all have to be ‘value-adding’.

The U.N.’s new Sustainable Development Goals will replace their retiring Millennium Goals and their new goals reveal more about what they really think of the aging population – they’re dispensable.

In the good old days, the elderly were esteemed for their wisdom. They were looked up to but now they are demonized and looked upon as expensive and unproductive, except for the elite of course.

Under the new plan, the UN wants member states to look to reducing deaths due to cancer and other ailments by 30%.  To get that done, they have excluded those over age 70 in their target goals.

That certainly leaves a door open for letting the elderly die.

The health targets reduce the number of premature deaths due to cancer, stroke, diabetes, and dementia by one-third by 2030. To meet the targets, the heartless, soulless people in the U.N. recommend not counting seniors over 70 years because at that age, death is not premature. They can take the blue pill instead.

The U.K. has some reservations. They are, however, already denying surgeries for breast cancer and even for routine procedures like joint replacements and gall bladder removals.

population control

Listen to this Club of Rome stinker, I mean thinker. Get your barf bag ready. These people want to control the world and think they can. Their interference requires us to change our values and our belief systems. At the end, the speaker, a highly-educated jack, says we need a discussion of ‘global governance’. That is where we are headed and the corrupt U.N. would be in charge.

All that they want requires a fully Totalitarian Socialist government.

UN’s Health Targets Let More Seniors Die

Editorial The Complete Lives System: Socialism in Medicine



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7 years ago

F. A. Hayek called this the pretense of knowledge, in explaining why central planning cannot succeed and must lead to totalitarianism.