Dangerous New Technology Creates Stunning DeepFakes Videos


“The idea that someone could put another person’s face on an individual’s body, that would be like a homerun for anyone who wants to interfere in a political process. This is now going to be the new reality, surely by 2020, but potentially even as early as this year.” — Senator Mark Warner (D-VA)

Terrorists, or anyone with sinister motives, will soon be able to fake any video. The new technology is dubbed DeepFakes.

The technology allows people to change the expressions on peoples’ faces without the manipulation it now requires.

The innovative and dangerous technology will allow peoples’ faces to be superimposed on different bodies. Adobe can even create audio from text.

It’s not an immediate problem but it’s developing rapidly. In a world filled with fake news, this will most definitely be abused.

Fake pornographic videos have been made by face-swapping celebrities into pornographic movies. In February 2018, the popular content sharing website Reddit banned the r/deepfakes subreddit, which had been used to share fake pornographic content featuring celebrities, the Clarion Project reports.

In July 2017, a team of researchers created a fake video of former president Barack Obama giving a speech he never gave, as an experiment.

Watch this, you will be stunned.

Clarion writes:

They will be able to create images of politicians announcing strikes that never happened, announcing anti-Muslim policies that don’t exist, making racist and bigoted remarks they never said or even footage of war crimes that never took place.

As Lawfare blog writes “The spread of deep fakes will threaten to erode the trust necessary for democracy to function effectively, for two reasons. First, and most obviously, the marketplace of ideas will be injected with a particularly dangerous form of falsehood. Second, and more subtly, the public may become more willing to disbelieve true but uncomfortable facts.”

The deepfakes trend takes existing problems with fake news to the next level.

If you thought you had to worry about lying politicians before, that was nothing!

Terrorists can misuse it but so can any evil person. Some are calling it a potential weapon of mass destruction.


h/t Jon

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