Dangerous People Are Teaching Our Children


If you have been to the website College Fix lately, you know how serious the leftist bias on college campuses has become. It, unfortunately, doesn’t stop there. It’s infiltrating the K-12 schools.

When I have gone undercover with these Communist organizations, I have found many of the members are teachers working at all grade levels.

The Washington Times reports today that two out of four books on a summer reading list for incoming freshmen in a South Carolina high school are anti-police.Police call it an “indoctrination of distrust.”

Hating law enforcement is one of the hard left’s favorite topics.

At issue are Angie Thomas’ “The Hate U Give” and “All American Boys,” by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely.

The former title features a teenager whose best friend is killed by a police offer; the latter includes a “fist-happy” copy who mistakes a boy for a shoplifter.

There is no other side presented, just the anti-police mantra.


Professors who have non-liberal/leftist views are being forced out of colleges. A recent study showed that 100 percent of the professors in 40 percent of the top U.S. universities are leftists. Leftists outnumber the rest in total by 5 to 1.

The Chinese Communist government partners with over 100 universities in the nation and radical Islamists have Institutes in Ivy leagues. What could possibly go wrong?

Universities have become leftist indoctrination centers and the hard-left is working its way into the K-12 system.

The nihilistic hippies of the 1960s never left college campuses. They just graduated from students to teachers and educrats. Now they exploit their position to advance a destructive, demented agenda:

Communist Bill Ayers, a friend of the Marxist, Barack Obama, helped move the University of Chicago from right-leaning to far-left. Listen to Ayers talk about education in this video.

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